‘DragonVale World’: Top 10 Things You Need to Discover

Here are the top 10 things you need to discover during your time spent with DragonVale World.

1. Wonderful Visuals

DragonVale World

• Gorgeous 3D graphics – a visually stunning game!

2. New Dragon Species

DragonVale World

• Over 100 all new dragons – the developers behind this mobile gem dreamed up fun, quirky, cool and beautiful dragons to collect.

3. Powerful Magical Dragons

DragonVale World

• Enchanted dragons – these dragons are the mysterious cousins of the dragons you know, similar and yet visually different. They’re difficult to collect, so celebrate each one you breed.

4. New Dragon Handler Actions

DragonVale World

• New ways to interact with your dragons! Send them into the regions of DragonVale World to collect items, plus modify their appearance with spells and more.

5. Login Rewards

• Reward calendar – every 20 days that you login, you’ll receive a gem-earning dragon.

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