WATCH: Ditto Transformation in ‘Pokemon Go’ Video

Ditto in battle


Ditto is in the wild and Pokemon Go trainers are finding him all over the world. From France to Germany to the UK to Australia to Vietnam, he’s everywhere. He’s all over the United States too, hiding in Rattata, Pidgey, and other Pokemon species.

But if you haven’t found him yet, you might be wondering what his transformation scene looks like. One Pokemon Go trainer caught it for you and it looks AMAZING. You think you found one type of Pokemon, but after he’s caught, you’ll discover that you have a Ditto instead:

This video was shared on Reddit by Mynt. They commented that the Pidgey was difficult to catch, and escaped after two ultraballs before finally being caught. The Ditto was 464 CP and the Pidgey was in the 300s.

To learn more about Ditto and where you can find him, please see the stories below:

Read more about Ditto’s evolution in Pokemon Go in Spanish at

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