‘Let It Die’: Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

6. Elevators are Your Best (Perhaps Only) Friends

Let It Die

• Reaching that next elevator should always be your next short-term goal. It’s the only way you’re going to be able to get to the top. Be sure to activate every one you come across by flipping that switch, because forgetting to do so could mean you just wasted hours of exploration. Finally, keep in mind that mid-bosses WILL respawn if you go back to their respective chambers. You should try to reach the nearest elevator AFTER their boss room if you don’t want to keep battling them.

7. In Over Your Head? Just Give Up. Seriously.

Let It Die

• It happens all the time, you go down a tunnel and get ambushed. You’re brutally slaughtered and are faced with the choice to continue or not. By all means, help Kiwako out by accepting her insurance policy, but keep in mind if you don’t have a solid plan (or at the very least, a vague escape route), you could end up in an even worse situation with little to show for it. Sometimes it’s just best to die and pay for salvage with Kill Coins. Just remember, the Kill Coin cost increases based on the floor where you died.

8. Obvious Traps are Obvious

Let It Die

• Do you see a small, enclosed space with a single entrance and a “free” treasure chest just waiting for you? I recommend you eat some stat-boosting mushrooms and make sure you are wearing your best gear before you go for it, because there is a really good chance you’re about to enter a “gated” fight. When these happen, entrance/exits are blocked off and you have to kill EVERYONE to get out. Good luck.

9. Ask Your Friends for Help

Let It Die

• There are a LOT of talented, hardcore gamers who have been playing LET IT DIE non-stop since it launched. Learn from their wisdom. Whether it’s YouTube, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter, fans are sharing all over the place. You’d do well to heed their advice.

10. Climb the Damn Tower

Let It Die

• Whatever questions you are about to ask, you should first ask yourself this, “have I tried climbing the tower yet?” Because chances are, whatever you are trying to access or unlock will be given to you naturally with time and progress.

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