‘Pokemon Go’ Apple Watch: How to Spin Pokestops in the App



Niantic has finally released the Apple watch app for Pokemon Go. Launched right before Christmas, the app has been on everyone’s wish lists since it was first announced in September. One of the most basic functions of the app is collecting items from Pokestops. But how does this function work?

Here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon Go trainers are reporting that the Apple Watch app does a great job of tracking Pokestops and notifying you about ones that are nearby. But before you can get these notifications, make sure that your settings are right. You’ll want navigate to the Settings screen and make sure that the “PokeStop” setting is turned on, as it appears below:

pokemon go apple watch


To spin a Pokestop, wait to be alerted by your Apple Watch app. When you’re in range, the watch will vibrate and display a notification. Once you’re notified about a Pokestop, the rest is easy. When you get the alert, you can then either tap the picture of the Pokestop on your Watch or tap the “Get Items” button. Both do the same thing. The Pokestop will then come up and you can then spin it. You’ll automatically collect all the items from the Pokestop.

Here’s what it looks like on your Watch’s screen:

apple watch pokestops


Trainers are reporting that if you’re still in the range of a Pokestop after you spin it, and it becomes available again, you’ll get a new notification to spin the Pokestop all over again.

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It’s good for finding Pokémon, but it sucks for spinning pokestops. My watch will usually only find the first one I walk by.

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