‘Pokemon Go’: Will Pikachu Keep the Christmas Hat When Evolved?


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

To celebrate the holiday season, a festive Pikachu is coming to Pokemon Go for a limited time.

From now until December 29th, players of the mobile app will be able to capture an adorable Pikachu that is wearing a Santa hat. Niantic refers to this as a limited edition Pikachu, and so presumably you can only capture it from now until the 29th but it will hang on to its Santa hat forever. However, what’s not immediately clear is what will happen to the Pikachu when you evolve it. Will it stay festive?

Just minutes after the update launched, some Pokemon Go players already captured their Christmas Pikachu and evolved it, determined to have this very question answered. It turns out, your festive Pikachu will indeed keep its Christmas hat if you evolve it into Raichu. Here’s what that looks like courtesy of Reddit user Wotabofft:

This holiday Pikachu was launched as part of Niantic’s big December 12th update. In addition, the company also announced the release of several new Pokemon including Togepi and Pichu, which are only available through hatching eggs.

It’s unclear if this is the extent of Pokemon Go‘s holiday festivities, but considering the game’s Halloween and Thanksgiving events were much more involved than simply giving one Pokemon a hat, it would not be surprising to see another announcement about a Christmas event in the coming days. For Halloween and Thanksgiving, trainers received some sort of bonus for playing during a certain period of time (candy for Halloween and double XP and Stardust for Thanksgiving).

Getting the new Pokemon, including the holiday Pikachu, does not require a game update; simply open your app and get hunting. Also, Niantic mentioned in its announcement that Pikachu spawns will be increased during this Christmas event, so even if you’re not that enthused by the Santa hat, this also serves as a great time to finally catch more Pikachu.




I was wondering because i caught a santa hat pikachu like 2 hours ago and i almost got 50 candy

Who cares

A f***ing hat seriously where’s my 100 new Pokemon all you knobs predicted. Ha ha more like pokegone


Actually they are releasing them atm, They started with togepi and pichu + some more , if ppl could actually read..


The game launched five months ago it’s just ignorant for everybody to act and scene over 100 new Pokemon not being released how childish…. wait it is a children’s game all these adults need to seriously pull it out of the rear and be happy it’s not our fault you have no life and go out 24 hours a day to collect every Pokemon and a company isn’t moving fast enough for you why don’t you get a degree in computers and technology and go do it your damn self if you think you can do it better! Patients people, they NEVER SAID they were releasing 100 new pokemon! People assumed that they were! And they are now living up to the assumption….making an ass out of u and me! Hoping and guessing is not fact checking! If you don’t want to play the game delete it would do the rest of the people who actually enjoy it and don’t expect the world to fall at their feet a lot of joy! How ignorant for everyone to blame niantic for Not releasing it all at once. Im happy they do it little by little. Gives you something to look forward too! Besides pikachu is affordable and I enjoy playing it with my 8 year old son.


Too long, didn’t read. We are upset that they have everything confirmed to be 100% put together for launch and still only gave us a handful of them. And I do have a degree in ‘Computers’ xD. A 14 year old can create the models, and there’s already a framework to put them out with. They aren’t creating anything by adding new Pokemon, just updating the system.

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