‘Super Mario Run’: How to Get More Toad Rally Tickets

Super Mario Run, Super Mario Run Nintendo, Super Mario Run screenshots

‘Super Mario Run’ is now available for iOS devices. (Nintendo)

In Super Mario Run, the first Mario platformer to be released for iOS devices, one of the game’s two modes can only be accessed using tickets. How can you get more of these?

Rally tickets are required if you want to play Toad Rally, which is one of the only reasons to come back to the game after you’ve completed World Tour. You can see how many tickets you have by looking at the top left corner of the screen from the main menu. If you play Toad Rally mode a lot, you may find yourself running out of tickets much faster than expected.

There are a few ways to unlock additional tickets. Here are your options.

Play World Tour & Clear Worlds

Super Mario Run, Super Mario Run tickets, Super Mario Run toad rally tickets

Toad Rally tickets are unlocked every time a world is cleared. (Nintendo)

The easiest way to collect tickets for Toad Rally is just to play through World Tour. You will not receive tickets every time you beat a level, but you will get some whenever you successfully clear a world.

This means that you’ll receive some Toad Rally tickets every four levels, and you usually get a pretty good amount of them at one time.

Unfortunately, though, you only get these tickets the first time you clear the world, and so if you have already completed the game and are looking to get more tickets, you’ll need other options.

Collect All Five Purple Coins on Each Stage

Super Mario Run 1-1 All Purple CoinsSuper Mario Run for iOS Tips and Guide Walkthough World 1-1 All Purple Coins. Check out our Super Mario Run Guide Hub: primagames.com/games/super-mario-run/coverage/super-mario-run-guide-secrets-release-date-and-more When does Super Mario Run release?: primagames.com/games/super-mario-run/news/when-does-super-mario-run-release Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s big move into the mobile gaming space. The release date for Super Mario Run on iOS is December 15 with…2016-12-15T22:27:57.000Z

For those players who have already completed the game, you likely did not collect all the purple coins on your first run through. These are the extra coins that are located throughout each level, often in hard-to-reach places or in areas that require a difficult jump to access.

You can see how many of these pink coins you have already collected by clicking on a level; five pink circles will appear, and they’ll be filled in if you collected the coin already and empty with a dotted outline if you did not collect it.

When you finish a level with all five purple coins, you will be given a reward at random, and the reward can be some rally tickets. You aren’t guaranteed to get tickets, though.

Get the ‘?’ Block

Super Mario Run ? block, Super Mario Run question mark block, Super Mario Run blocks

The Mega ‘?’ Block can be purchased in the store in Super Mario Run. (Nintendo)

Super Mario Run allows players to buy items from the shop and place them around the home screen in what’s called Kingdom Builder mode.

At first, you might dismiss this as just a fun way to decorate the kingdom, kind of like how you decorate your house in Animal Crossing. But actually, buying items is far more significant than that, as many of them will help you collect items and even unlock characters.

Two items in the store are the “?” blocks, one long and one mega, and they are located under the “special” tab. The long block will cost you 100 blue Toads, 50 purple Toads and 50 yellow Toads. The mega one will cost you 150 purple Toads and 150 yellow Toads.

Place one of these blocks on your home screen, press it, and you will receive a number of random items, which can include rally tickets. After a few hours, the block will reset and you can tap it again.

Play Bonus Games

Super Mario Run bonus games, Super Mario Run bonus house,Super Mario Run bonus games houses

Bonus games in Super Mario Run can be played every few hours. (Nintendo)

Speaking of buying items from the store, there are also some that allow you to unlock bonus games.

Under the “special” tab in the store, you’ll notice two Toad houses, one with a blue star and one with a yellow star. Once purchased and placed on your home screen, these houses allow you to play special bonus games, and if you successfully beat these games, you’ll get some more rally tickets.

The only downside is that the games can only be played once every few hours, so the number of tickets you can get from them at once is limited.

Link Your Nintendo Online Account

Super Mario Run connect account, Super Mario Run coins, Super Mario Run get coins

Linking your Nintendo account to Super Mario Run will unlock 100 points. (Nintendo)

If you didn’t do so when you first started the game, make sure that your Super Mario Run game is linked up with your Nintendo online account. Don’t already have an account? You can make one here. Then, follow these steps to link it up:

  • In the main menu, hit the bubble in the top right corner of the screen.
  • The app will take you to a Safari web page that pulls up the Nintendo website. Hit “Link to Nintendo Account.”
  • Once you’re logged in, hit “use this account.”
  • A screen should pop up saying “User data retrieved from the linked Nintendo Account.” Hit “OK.”

Once your account is linked, you will receive some Toad Rally tickets as a reward.

Buy the Full Game

Meet Super Mario RunA new Mario game you can play with one hand! Official website:supermariorun.com/ App Store: apple.co/SUPERMARIORUN2016-12-08T05:30:49.000Z

Just in case you’re still playing the free version of the game, you’re going to want to upgrade to the paid version if you’re constantly running out of tickets and want to really experience the game at its fullest.

As soon as you buy the paid version of the app, which costs $9.99, you will unlock 20 Toad Rally tickets.

Complete Missions & Buy More Tickets With Nintendo Points

super mario run tickets, super mario run buy tickets, super mario run toad rally tickets

Additional Toad Rally tickets can be purchased for Nintendo points. (Nintendo)

Finally, Nintendo lets you exchange Nintendo Points for rally tickets. To do so, click on the “My Nintendo” bubble in the top right of the screen (your Nintendo online account must be linked to the game in order to do this).

You’ll see the total number of points you have at the top of the screen. Five rally tickets will run you 150 points, or you can buy 10 tickets for 250 points.

How do you get more of these? Well, if you complete missions in Super Mario Run, you’ll be able to collect a certain number of points. Hit the “missions” tab over on the My Nintendo page in order to see the missions. Some of them are pretty simple, as you can get 10 points just for playing a game of Toad Rally every day. You’ll also get 100 points automatically if you linked your online account, and you get 50 points every time you clear a world.

Because these are the only ways to get rally tickets, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t playing through the game too quickly and spending all of your tickets at once. For example, if you completely run out of tickets, but you have already cleared the entirety of World Tour and have collected all of the purple coins, there’s really nothing you can do to get more tickets other than waiting for your “?” blocks and bonus game houses to reset.

This has made a lot of fans very angry, with gamers complaining that in a $10 game, they have to collect tickets in order to access basic features and then needing to wait when the tickets run out.

Super Mario Run is now available for iOS deices. An Android release is not expected until next year.

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