The Marvel Characters We Want to See in ‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’

MVC Infinite

“Dreams definitely come true.”

That motto rung ever so true during the PlayStation Experience 2016 when Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite made its debut. Rumors have been swirling around about Marvel’s heroic roster focusing more on the comic brand’s Cinematic Universe. We hope that’s true, but we’re also predicting that Marvel will reach into its extensive TV show universe and assorted comics for additional roster members. With that in mind, we came up with a list of familiar (and not-so-familiar) Marvel heroes/villains who should play a part in all this playable fantasy warfare.

Note: this list is going to feature a collection of new faces we’d love to play as. We’re predicting that a majority of Marvel characters from UMVC3 will return (excluding the X-Men and other mutants we’re used to seeing, sadly).



“The Man With No Fear” has skyrocketed in popularity with the more casual audience thanks to his hit Netflix series. Hardcore fans have always known just how amazing this big city avenger can be and now his show has led more credence to that fact. It’s time for Daredevil to participate in Marvel’s war against Capcom. He’s incredibly mobile, has heightened senses that a person with sight doesn’t even have and he can pull off some slick beatings with a baton. Oh and he’s mastered a bunch of different martial arts – ninjutsu, aiki jujutsu, jujitsu, kung fu, capoeira, judo, aikido, wrestling, stick fighting and American-style boxing. Matt Murdock will fit in perfectly if he shows up to battle in MvC: Infinite.


Carnage Marvel

Now don’t get us wrong – we loved Venom during his time spent in the 1st two MvC titles. But we wouldn’t be too heartbroken if he didn’t show up again. Spider-Man’s a given as far as returning characters are concerned, but we think one of his most noteworthy adversaries should show up too. And that villain is the crazed Symbiote user known as Carnage. Cletus Kasady’s evil alter-ego is a powerful individual who’s power exceeds those of Spidey and even Venom. This red menace is capable of shape shifting his body into whatever he wishes, so the potential for him adopting cool ass super moves is already there. We can already see us taking out entire 2-person teams with Carnage’s axe hands and dangerous symbiote tendrils.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Marvel

If Iron Fist is coming back, then his loyal and trustworthy Heroes for Hire ally should pop up beside him. Luke Cage is a massive brute who provides another playable powerhouse on the Marvel side of things. Capcom has Haggar on their side and we can already envision Cage being the perfect foil for him. Haggar will have his hands full with Cage since his set of abilities are nothing to scoff at. Cage has superhuman strength, which augments his strong melee skills (his street fighting mastery must be noted). Cage may not have some extraordinarily unique powers, but he’s still worthy of showing up to smash fools in MvC: Infinite.

The Punisher

The Punisher

We were shocked to NOT see Frank Castle get added to UMvC3. We’re praying to the Marvel Gods above that The Punisher finally get his just due as a selectable character in MvC: Infinite. Castle’s hand-to-hand combat skills are legendary, plus he’s got a stockpile of firearms that can rip his enemies to shreds. If Deadpool doesn’t come back to this entry, then we think the more serious and hard-edged Punisher can fulfill his roster spot just fine. His machine gun should play an integral part in how he picks off opponents and his Super Moves better involve his use of more military-grade weaponry.


Valkyrie Marvel

So it makes a ton of sense for Marvel to throw in a new Thor-themed character since his Ragnarok film is hitting theaters soon. We’re sure the Asgardian God of Thunder will return, but he needs some assistance during this new universe-spanning war. Who should accompany him, you might ask? The strongest of all Valkyrior, Valkyrie. Valkyrie is a natural badass who’s ability set makes perfect sense for a fighting game. Maybe she can even switch fighting styles during battle – one that utilizes her Dragonfang blade and one that focuses on her spear arts. How cool would it be to see her hop on her trusty steed Aragorn for a Level Three Super?


Vision Marvel

Vision quickly became a favorite of ours after seeing him action during the Age of Ultron film. As soon as the movie was finished, our 1st thought was “He’d body so many people if he popped up in the next MvC!” Now that Infinite is on the way, now’s the perfect time to give Vision a starring role as one of the most powerful members of Marvel’s fighting force. Vision’s Solar Jewel endows him with the ability to shoot out optic beams, so he could play perfectly as a mid-range type of fighter. He can land some punishing blows quite easily, but his solar energy attributes should play a big part in how he keeps enemies from getting to close.

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier Marvel

Bucky Barnes as a playable character? Nah, we’ll pass on that option. But getting his more savage persona into the game sounds way more intriguing. The Winter Soldier showed off just how unstoppable he could be during his MCU appearances. That metal arm of his is capable of dishing out some vicious punches, so he’d make a perfect rival for Capcom’s Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando). Winter Soldier’s assorted weaponry and surprising agility should all be implemented in the game. He’s not to be trifled with since he packs plenty of EMP’s, a Colt 1911-A1 .45, a P08 Luger, grenades etc.

Black Panther

Black Panther

Wakanda’s T’Challa deserves a standing ovation due to his part in Captain America: Civil War. Black Panther made it abundantly clear just how much of a powerful hero he is. His movie is set to come out soon, so now’s the time for him to get added to the whole MvC conflict. Black Panther’s vibranium suit amplifies his already extraordinary powers, which includes enhanced strength, amazing agility, fast reflexes etc. Here’s hoping that he gets to hop all over the screen thanks to his extremely mobile acrobatic skills. If Wolverine and X-23 are (sadly) omitted, then Black Panther’s sharp claws should fill in for them quite nicely.


Gamora Marvel

Rocket Raccoon happens to be one of the strangest additions to UMvC3. At the time, we didn’t care too much about the Guardians of the Galaxy, but we learned to appreciate RR’s insane moveset. After we got through the film, we grew to love that little varmint and his band of space buddies. The sequel is on its way, which means you should all expect to see another Guardian of the Galaxy show up in MvC: Infinite. The one female member of the group should get that lauded roster spot – Gamora. Gamora is just as powerful as Adam Warlock (look him up!), plus she can tear enemies to shreds with her assorted knives and swords. And hey, maybe her Level Three can call upon a cool assist from Starlord.


Loki Marvel

Tom Hiddleston has done a masterful job as Thor’s mischief causing brother, Loki. His evil nature and penchant for unbridled chaos made him hard to beat in the original Avengers film. Loki would be perfect as one of the newest villains added to the long-standing history of MvC. Him and that mystical staff of his can create energy projection, force fields and other superhuman abilities. His trickery should be implemented, such as the ability to create multiples of himself and confuses his rivals. Loki presents the opportunity for MvC: Infinite to feature one of the more unique characters from Thor’s world.

Honorable Mentions

Adam Warlock
Black Cat
Black Bolt

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