‘WWE Champions’: Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 12 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for WWE Champions.

WWE Champions Game

• To improve your odds of victory, always ensure that your Superstar’s Talent is higher than the opponent’s Superstar.

• Never go into a match without healing your Superstar.

• Using the right Superstar Class in a match can give you a major advantage in the match. Click the class icons to access the class wheel to help you figure out who’s your perfect Superstar. Take note – Tricksters > Technicians, Technicians > Powerhouses, Powerhouses > Acrobats, Acrobats > Showboats, Showboats > Strikers and Strikers > Tricksters.

WWE Champions Game

• Evolve and Enhance your Superstars whenever you can. Their efficiency in a match is greatly improved by doing do. Try to have at least one upgraded wrestler from every class, too.

• Explore side matches on tours – they have challenging opponents and great rewards to help boost your Superstar roster.

• Join a Faction to chat with other WWE fans. Additionally, that chosen faction can help heal your injured Superstars.

WWE Champions Game

• Try and match gems that help power up your moves. Having access to moves earlier than your opponent can change the tide of the match. Matching up four gems leads to even more damage than usual, too. Try to match up with loot boxes if you can since they’ll award you with gifts like coins.

• Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and if they are close to being charged. Some moves have devastating consequences. Make sure you charge up your Finisher first.

• Pay attention to your opponent’s class and take special note of the gems they do the most damage with.

WWE Champions Game

• Versus in WWE Champions is competitive. Keep upgrading your defense team as you rise through the leagues.

• Don’t forget to equip and use props; they are mini moves that allow you to change a bad turn into a good one.

• Explore different combinations of Superstars in tag team matches. Some Superstars get bonuses when used together.

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