‘Evil Factory’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Evil Factory Launch TrailerGet ready for action-packed, retro fun in this top-down arcade game! Download now! Android: bit.ly/2jAd6BQ iOS: bit.ly/2kNHY3L Eight years ago, the super powers of the world created the International Alliance to stop the evil Kraken group from taking over the world. Fearing the possible return, the Alliance recruits our little pixelated hero, Leo, to investigate.…2017-02-02T14:00:08.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Evil Factory.

1. Use the Control Editor to Play Your Way

Evil Factory Game

• Use the control editor to set up the on screen sticks and placement button exactly where you want them. Set up the controls for comfort – whether it’s for two-handed or one handed on-the-go play.

2. Jump Into the Store to Buy and Upgrade Weapons

Evil Factory Game

• The Alliance’s special dynamite does a pretty good job of decimating the Kraken’s giant bosses. But if you need a little extra power destroying the monsters, hop into the store to upgrade your weapons. Each weapon level upgrade increases damage and number of bomb drops.

3. Complete the Objectives in Each Level to Earn a New Helmet

Evil Factory Game

• Each level has a set of four objectives for Leo to complete. Upon completion, Leo will receive a new helmet outfitted with different boosts. Collect them all and try out all the crazy powers.

4. Head Into the Mini Arcade to Earn More Gold

Evil Factory Game

• Need a few extra coins to complete the big upgrade? Hop into the mini arcade and try out one of six different mini games. You earn coins based on your score – the higher the score, the more coins you earn.

5. Be Careful With Your Sub Weapon Ammo

Evil Factory Game

• While Leo has an unlimited supply of the Alliance’s special dynamite, he does not have unlimited sub weapon ammunition. Sub weapons can swing a fight in your favor, if they are used at the right moment. Make sure to manage your ammo, so when the time comes you can destroy the boss.

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