‘I Am Setsuna’ Performance: PS4 vs. Nintendo Switch

I Am Setsuna released last year on the PS4 and was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Here is how the two compare to each other according to Digital Foundry.

I Am Setsuna isn’t a technological powerhouse but it still had to make some sacrifices to run on the Switch. Although the same assets are used between the versions and both run at 1080p, the Switch version runs at 30 frames per second and the PS4 version runs at 60 fps. Both games have locked, stable frame rates so there will not be noticeable drops in performance between the two. However, this will result in a smoother performance on PS4, especially while being compared side to side with the Switch version.

I am Setsuna, PS4, Nintendo Switch

While the game is running in portable mode, the resolution will drop to 720p but the game still remains at a stable 30 fps.

Digital Foundry concludes the definitive home console experience is the PS4 version but that will lack the portability the Switch offers if you’re into that type of gaming.

I Am Setsuna is also available on PC.


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Dotry lane

Wow. Really comparing the switch with the ps4 is like comparing the ps4 with my alienware two differwnt system and one is clearly a juggernaut to the other. Every single person knows this so why even do this comparisons. Oh yea end note my brother was playing this game on his ps4 and i was playing it on my switch we had to go out i picked my switch out my dock and carried on pkaying he turned his ps4 off and sat bored for many hours lol while i enjoyed i am setsuna and then BOTW. can ps4 do that naaaaaaaa lol.


Yeah it’s called a Vita and remote play which streams at 1080 on pro unlike the 720 p your getting with switch. GG


Except remote play is limited to your home? Switch u can play anymore so. GG


And that’s if people even have the Vita which I doubt…a LOT more have 3DS these days. So you’d have to buy a Vita just to do that or use the Switch version that has it built in. And as mentioned that’s limited since you have to be in console range as it’s remote play…the Switch has the game in it so it’s truly portable. :)


I think such comparisons is not necessary, oh by the way ps vita require connection to remote play away from home?

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