How To Get The “Drink Fanatic” Trophy in ‘Persona 5’

Persona 5

This is a particularly weird trophy but Persona 5 is a weird game so it fits. For the “Drink Fanatic” trophy, you’ll have to buy every kind of drink from the vending machines that you’ll come across through your journey.

There are a lot of different drinks to buy, 26 of them total, so it’ll be hard to keep track of. The drinks aren’t really useful in game so if you’re going for this, you might want to wait until you’re nearing the end of the game to go back and buy these drinks, especially since you can’t buy all of these at the beginning. It will be a lot easier to keep track of them if you buy them all at once and have never purchased any before. Don’t worry if you have bought drinks before since it’ll work all the same, you just might end up buying some drinks twice which is fine.

You do not have to buy every drink from every vending machine so you don’t have to worry about that. All you’ll have to do is purchase one of each unique kind from any vending machine throughout the game. The vending machines can be found in Yongen-Jaya, Shibuya, Aoyama-Itchome, Shinjuku and Akihabara. Once you have access to all these machines, you can buy all the drinks. Make sure you save your yen.

Here are the list of drinks and their interesting names in Persona 5:

Drink Fanatic: Buy every kind of drink from vending machines.

  • 1UP
  • Arginade
  • Chunky Potage
  • Creature
  • Dr. Salt NEO
  • Durian-au-Lait
  • Miso Starfish
  • Oh! Shiruko
  • Udagawa Water
  • Udagawa Soda
  • Odd Morsel
  • Mayo Locust
  • Earl Green
  • Joylent
  • Mad Bull
  • Manta
  • Muscle Drink
  • Muscle Tea
  • Mystery Stew
  • Nastea
  • Rancid Gravy
  • Second Maid
  • Starvicks
  • Strawberry Curry
  • Ultimate Amazake
  • Water of Rebirth
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