‘Killing Floor 2’: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Killing Floor 2 – Full Release Launch TrailerESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Partial Nudity THE ZED HORDE DESCENDS UPON GAMERS WORLD-WIDE AS KILLING FLOOR 2 LAUNCHES FOR PC, PLAYSTATION®4 PRO AND PLAYSTATION®4 Tripwire Interactive Releases Highly Anticipated Sequel to the Multi-Million Selling Smash Hit Killing Floor ROSWELL, GA – November 18, 2016 – Tripwire Interactive, in collaboration…2016-11-18T14:00:00.000Z

Killing Floor 2 is the latest free game offered to PlayStation Plus members and it’s looking to bring a ton of chaotic, gory multiplayer action. This co-op based title focuses on a group of 6 different survivors that are tasked with surviving a set amount of waves of increasingly difficult monsters. As players progress, they will earn money (Dosh) which can be used to buy ammo, grenades, body armor, or different types of weapons. At the end of each of each match, one of two bosses will spawn which can deal a hefty amount of damage if you’re ill prepared.

While this title may seem simplistic at first glance, Killing Floor 2 has a surprising amount of depth and strategy to it. Understanding the nuances of this shooter is critical to surviving on some of the higher difficulty settings such as Suicidal and Hell on Earth.

Here are 10 tips and tricks for succeeding in Killing Floor 2:

1. Don’t Be a Lone Wolf

Killing Floor 2

At its core Killing Floor 2 is a game about working with others to survive, so it’s high advised that you stay with your group at all times. While it can be tempting, especially early on, to run off and take on these mutated abominations all by yourself this can easily mean your end. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a large group of Clots, Crawlers, or Stalkers to the point where you have nowhere to escape. Try to stick with your team at all times, as this ensures that you can focus fire powerful enemies or receive medical attention if you are running low. Even if things get chaotic, which they will, don’t run off by yourself unless you want to become a red smear on the wall.

2. Kill Sirens First

Killing Floor 2

The Sirens are one of Killing Floor 2’s more uncommon enemies. They look like skinny women with metal chest plates, black hair, and gouged out eyes. Compared to others, like the Fleshpound, she might not seem intimidating, but her sonic attack actually has the ability to destroy grenades before they go off. This means if you chuck a grenade (regardless of what type it is) and she screams it will be instantly neutralized. She is a priority target during any attack since grenades are some of the best ways to stun, freeze, blow up, or set fire to the various mutants on the prowl. She has a decent range so try to take her out quickly before the Siren is able to scream.

3. Dead Ends = Death Traps

Killing Floor 2 Zed

In Killing Floor 2 there are a variety of different maps for players to explore and survive including a destroyed Paris, an arctic research center, and even Hell itself. While many of these levels have various twists and turns, players are sure to come across the occasional dead end once and awhile. Even though it might be tempting to press your backs to the wall and create a wall of bullets this rarely works as the rounds progress.

Certain enemies like the massive Fleshbound are designed to punish those who sit in a corner and wait. Try to hold up in areas with around two to three entrances to ensure that you are able to escape if things go south. This ensures that you can still funnel the mutants into kill zones and deal with the chainsaw wielding Scrake.

4. Buy a Medic Weapon Even if You’re Not a Medic

Killing Floor 2

There are a few ways to heal in Killing Floor 2, but the most common is a needle that will repair some of your health over time. The issue is this item has a lengthy cooldown that can make things very tricky if you are sustaining a lot of damage. However, one of the best ways to mitigate your team’s health loss is by having everyone purchase an HMTech-101Pistol. This medical gun only takes up one slot in your inventory and will allow your team to heal each other simply by shooting them with the specialized dart. By having everyone carry this weapon around it ensures that teammates can heal each other even when their Medical Syringe is on cooldown.

5. Share Your Dosh

Killing Floor 2

For those looking to get bigger and badder weapons then you will want to accumulate as much Dosh as possible. This in-game currency is earned by killing enemies or selling loot at a Vendor that opens up after each round. While it’s always important to buy ammo and new weapons, don’t forget about your teammates too. If someone dies they will lose a large majority of their accumulated funds which can be a real issue if you’re in the later rounds. However, players can throw money onto the ground for others to pick up by pressing right on the D-pad. Remember to check how much money you have left over after buying all your items, because chances are you’ll have enough to share with your friends.

6. Balance Your Squad’s Perks

Killing Floor 2 – Developer Diaries 3 – Weapons & Perks (Part 1)Tripwire Interactive is thrilled to unveil the newest installment of the multi-part developer diary series for the highly anticipated PC and PlayStation®4 title, KILLING FLOOR 2. Known for having high-quality, realistic guns in their games, the Tripwire Interactive team are no strangers when it comes to packing their virtual armory with weapons of all types.…2014-12-18T14:00:04.000Z

In Killing Floor 2 you can have up to 6 different people in your squad at a time, which means it will be vital that you balance your Perks. These are Killing Floor 2’s version of classes with each one specializing in a specific trait such as long distance combat, explosives, automatic weapons, or melee weapons. Balancing your team’s Perks will be critical ion the harder difficulties where composition matters.

Try to always make sure you have a Sharpshooter, Medic, and Demolitionist on your team, as they are fantastic support Perks that can deal with powerful mutants like the Fleshpound. Other Perks such as SWAT, Commando, Bezerker, and Support are also quite useful and are good for rounding out a squad. Try to avoid Firebug unless you are exceptionally skilled with this class’s weaponry as the flamethrowers are unwieldy.

7. Kill Bosses Before They Heal

Killing Floor 2

There are two different bosses in Killing Floor 2, both of which have the ability to self-heal after sustaining a certain amount of damage. Both the chaingun-wielding Patriarch and the shield bearing Dr. Hans Volter have a healing mechanic that will kick in once their health bar reaches about 60%. However, you can actually interrupt and stop them from doing this which makes finishing off the boss rather easy. Here is how to tell when the bosses are going to heal:

  • The Patriarch – He will cloak himself, stop attacking, and try to run away to somewhere safe on the map
  • Dr. Volter – The doctor will activate a shield that can be broken and will try to impale someone at point blank range in order to heal.

The best way to deal with The Patriarch is to use the Sharpshooter’s freeze grenades to stun him as soon as he attempts to run away. This should give your team enough time to surround him and finish him off before he can escape. As for Volter, try to keep your distance and barrage his shield with as many bullets as you can so it breaks. Doing so will stun him and open him up for some extra damage before he attacks.

8. Stay In Your Lane

Killing Floor 2

There are 10 Perks in Killing Floor 2, each of which has a specific set of weapons that are designed to benefit from the classes passive perks. For example, if you level up the Sharpshooter Perk to level 15 you will have the option to pick a skill that increases your weapon’s reload speed. This is perfect for a sharpshooter weapon like the Winchester 1894, as every bullet needs to be manually inserted before you can fire.

Always try to pick firearms that fall into their specific category (which is conveniently marked by the class symbol tab at the vendor) so you can maximize your effectiveness in combat. Picking rocket launchers or swords when you have no added buffs is just wasting a slot for your character.

9. Know How to Kill Scrakes and Fleshpounds

Killing Floor 2 enemies

Outside of bosses, the Fleshpounds and Scrakes are the toughest enemies in all of Killing Floor 2. These two creatures can be easily identified as the Scrake wears and apron and carries a chainsaw, while the Fleshpound sports a glowing chest and metal arms. These creatures can absolutely chew through an enemy team, however, they have some weaknesses that can be exploited.

If you are going up against a Scrake remember that they will only target the person who is attacking them, so let stronger characters like the Berzerker draw their attention. On the other hand, the Fleshpound is very susceptible to explosive damage so try to have a few grenades handy.

10. Keep One Zed Alive Each Round

Killing Floor 2 Vendor

At the end of each round players are given a short amount of time to not only find the Vendor, but purchase weapons and armor. Given the Vendor can be across the entire map players should leave one low-level enemy alive until everyone is able to get relatively close to the shops next location. There won’t be a highlighted route so simply watch the top left corner of your screen to see if the Meters go down as you run in a direction. Once everyone is close enough, kill the zombie and enjoy your free time to browse the shopkeeper’s items. For those who have played Call of Duty this is similar to keeping a zombie around while you explore the map.

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