‘Pokemon Magikarp Jump’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nintendo has gone all in on developing mobile games based off their various characters and worlds after the success of Pokemon GO. While Mario and the Fire Emblem series have received most of Nintendo’s focus, a curious title called Magikarp Jump has just released and it’s by far Nintendo’s weirdest game yet. Developed by SELECT BUTTON Inc. players are tasked with raising Magikarp for various jumping competitions all across the land.

Magikarp has long been considered a joke within the Pokemon lore and community, as their lack of abilities and general uselessness doesn’t make them ideal for battle. Their only real purpose across the main series and many of its spin-offs have been to evolve into the powerful Water/Flying type Pokemon, Gyarados. However, in Magikarp Jump these odd fish Pokemon are the sole focus which produces some humorous scenarios.

Here’s everything you need to know about Magikarp Jump:

1. Players Train Magikarp in Order to See Which One Can Jump the Highest

Magikarp Jump Gameplay

The core gameplay of Magikarp Jump revolves around catching and training these odd Pokemon in order to prove whose fish can jump higher. This is done by feeding your Magikarp with various types of berries and making it train via a variety of different exercises which will level up your Jump Points (JP). You can also gain experience by randomly triggered events or interacting with other Pokemon such as Pikachu. The majority of Magikarp Jump’s gameplay simply revolves around tapping the screen a bunch of times in order to get your Pokemon to eat its food and deciding when to train.

Once you have leveled your Pokemon enough, players can compete against other trainers to see which one can jump higher into the air. The better your JP the better chance you have of your fish going higher than your opponents. There is no input from the player outside of tapping the jump button at the bottom of the screen. There are 6 different “Leagues” each one delivering tougher and more challenging opponents to battle against.

2. ‘Magikarp Jump’ is Full of Offbeat Humor and Gags

Magikarp Jump Training

As to be expected with a game revolving around Magikarps, there are a ton of jokes and amusing moments scattered throughout the game. Unlike Pokemon GO, Magikarp Jump has a rather unique sense of style that allows it to have more fun with the mechanics and world. Everyone has silly aquatic based names, previously useless items like the Old Rod are now important, and the currency is stamped with a Magikarp’s silhouette. Player’s fishes also fall straight through the ground after each jump and there’s even a mayor who specializes in Magikarp.

3. Various Other Pokemon Make Cameo Appearances

Magikarp Jump

While the game itself focuses around Magikarp, various Pokemon make cameo appearances and can also serve as vital ways to gain XP. As you playthrough Magikarp Jump, players will be able to earn various additional Pokemon that can offer up Player XP or Jump Points. Some of these Pokemon can be purchased via the Diamond Shop’s Friendship Item section. These Pokemon include Charizard, Snorlax, Slowpoke, Litten, Rowlett, and Popplio. You can also earn Meowth, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Piplup by beating various Leagues in the main story.

Other Pokemon arrive in the form of decorations for your Magikarp pond and can be used to add more style to your habitat. Some of these Pokemon include Sunflora, Exeggutor, Eevee, Lampent, and Parasect. These decorations are not just for show, as they can add a variety of different modifiers to your pond such as additional food or XP. Your Pokemon can also be nabbed by Pidgeotto when it jumps, forcing you start over with a fresh Magikarp.

4. There is No Multiplayer

Magikarp Jump League

Unlike the past three Nintendo mobile games, Magikarp Jump doesn’t have a multiplayer mode that lets you compete against others. There is also no leaderboard system to see whose Magikarp was the best in the world, so users will be stuck with the single player mode. Thankfully, this section is more robust that one might expect as there are 6 different locations for players to explore, each with several battles that need to be completed.

5. ‘Magikarp Jump’ is Free on iOS and Android, but Features Microtransactions

magikarp Jump Decorations

For those looking to play Magikarp Jump, you can pick it up for free right now on either iOS or Android devices. However, there are microtransactions for the various supplies and currencies in the game. In Magikarp Jump, the two forms of payment are coins and diamonds, each of which can be used to purchase various in-game items. Coins are used for buying more basic things such as different types of food and training items. Diamonds, on the other hand, are for more exotic additions like Pokemon, decorations, and special training items. You earn these currencies by winning matches, opening Pokeballs, and completing challenges.

However, there are also various microtransactions and item packs you can purchase. Here are all of the microtransactions in Magikarp Jump:

  • 50 Diamonds + 50 Exchange Tickets – $0.99
  • 250 Diamonds + 250 Exchange Tickets – $4.99
  • 550 Diamonds + 550 Exchange Tickets – $9.99
  • 1,200 Diamonds + 1,200 Exchange Tickets – $19.99
  • 2150 Diamonds + 2150 Exchange Tickets – $34.99

There are also special item packs that can only be purchased for a limited time before they refresh and restock with new gear. You cannot directly purchase items in Magikarp Jump, however, players can trade in Exchange Tickets for high-end power-ups/coin purses. Thankfully, diamonds and coins come at a quick enough pace that frequent players shouldn’t need to fork over real world cash. If you have been a fan of Magikarps and find this floundering fish amusing make sure to pick this mobile game up and give it a try.

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