Amazon UK Lets You Pre-Order ‘Pokemon Stars’

Pokemon Stars

After the Pokemon Direct happened earlier this month, pretty much all hope of a Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch died. Pokemon Stars was long-rumored to be in development for the Switch and would’ve been the third title in the Pokemon Sun and Moon generation.

Fast forward to E3 and Nintendo’s Spotlight, we received news of a mainline title being developed for the Switch by Game Freak. This gave fans hope again, knowing a Pokemon title would be coming to the Switch.

Most fans have decided that Pokemon Stars was a codename for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the two titles coming to the Nintendo 3DS later this year. It appears Amazon doesn’t think so and even has a pre-order page for a game called Pokemon Stars.

Pokemon Stars

Very little is known about this game, and by very little, we actually mean nothing. All we know is the game is in development and won’t be here until next year, at the very earliest. It’s still possible the game could be called Pokemon Stars, since we can’t say for certain that it was a codename or not. We’d figure the game in development for the Switch would signal the start of a new generation, instead of prolonging one that started on the 3DS.

With Sun and Moon being less than a year old, it’s entirely possible the Switch game will still be part of this generation, since it is so young. All we can do is wait and see. A future Pokemon Direct could possibly be the next time we receive more information about this game in development.

We received more news about Marshadow, the first Fighting and Ghost type Pokemon to ever be introduced, and its Z-Move. The Z-Move will require Marshadium-Z, a crystal that is not currently available in-game. We’ll likely be hearing more about this in the future.