‘ARMS’ Controls: How to Grab/Throw Opponents

ARMS spring man, Arms


For those looking to rise through the ranks of ARMS leaderboards then players will need to master the fundamental gameplay mechanics of this game. One of these abilities is to grab or throw your opponents across the battlefield all while inflicting a severe amount of damage to them. Much like other fighting titles, this mechanic has a very high risk vs high reward and players will need to weigh these options quickly when fighting. One missed grab could mean the entire fight shifts in your opponent’s favor, which is never good in ARMS.

To actually grab you will need to move both of the Joy-Cons forward at the same time, causing your fighter’s arms to both extend out at the same time. It’s easy to tell when you are attempting a grab as a green band of energy will form between your two fists. Once this actually connects, you will pull the enemy towards you and perform a flashy attack that typically eats a fair amount of your foe’s health bar. This move has the same range as your normal punches, however, it comes out at a slightly slower rate than one of your standard attacks. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you can actually connect the grab if you use it otherwise your opponent can easily punish this mistake.

Grabs can be easily jumped over or dodged via a dash, so try to predict their movements when you go for a grab. If they jump off the stage’s trampoline then you know they will hit the ground, so initiate a grab as they fall down to ensure a hit. Also, anyone who is blocking can be grabbed so exploit this opening whenever you have the chance. Grabbing opponents not only displaces them, but it can set you up for a powerful Rush Attack if they bounce off the ring. Remember to mix up your grabs between punches and special abilities in ARMS to ensure that your foe never knows what hit them.