‘ARMS’: Top 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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ARMS is a surprisingly complex game with all of its different mechanics and strategies. If you’re looking to improve your game, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need.

1. You Can Change The Color of Your Fighter

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The cast of playable fighters in ARMS are certainly colorful, but there’s a way to make them even more colorful.

Each fighter has four different color pallets. Usually, the only way to see them is to be in a match with two or more of the same fighter. But there’s a way for you to select different alternate colors before a match starts.

As GameXplain found, all you have to do is highlight a fighter, hold down the left control stick so it clicks and then hold it either left, right, or down. Then just select your fighter and your color will automatically be applied.

2. Here’s How to Avoid Grabs



You’ll know when an opponent is trying to grab you because they’ll extend both of their arms and a green band will appear between them. Grabs may look intimidating, but they’re actually pretty easy to avoid. First of all, don’t block as grabs will pass right through your defenses. You’ll either need to jump over them, dash to the sides, or throw a quick punch to knock it away. Once you do, you’re opponent will be left wide open for a counterattack.

3. Dash Before You Get Hit

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Try to dash out of the way of punches before they hit you. If you dodge too early, opponents may then counter with another punch if they anticipated your dodge. You’ll also be able to respond with your own punch after you dodge your opponent’s. The character Min Min will even bat punches away with her kicks if she’s close enough to them when she dodges.

Also, dodge in a variety of different directions and don’t just rely on dashing all the time. Mix it up with blocking and sending out your own punches to block others. Also, if you block a punch and then dash right afterwards, you’ll counterattack automatically.

4. Heavier Punches Will Deflect Lighter Ones



Punches can be blocked if they collide in midair. Each weapon in ARMS has one of three weights: light, medium, and heavy. Heavier weapons will deflect lighters ones and continue moving towards the opponent. However, heavier punches are also slower, so mix up the weapons you carry on each of your arms.

If you’re fighting against an opponent with weapons that are heavier than yours, you’ll have to wait until they stop moving towards you before you try punching them back. Better yet, try curving your punches or using weapons like Slamamanders to avoid heavy punches and reach your opponent.

5. Don’t Block Too Much

Mechanica ARMS, Mechanica


much and try other methods of avoiding attacks.

Your shield will change from blue to yellow and red as it takes damage. Shield strength is at its lowest when it’s red, so try not to get it to that point.

6. Use Rush Attacks At the Right Time

Min Min ARMS


When you unleash a rush attack, you can punch multiple times in a row with both arms. A triangle near your health bar grows over time as you throw punches and deal damage to opponents, and when it fills to maximum and glows yellow you can use a rush attack.

Don’t use rush attacks whenever you feel like it. Opponents can block your punches easily and even interrupt it if they hit you during the attack. So use it only when your opponent is vulnerable. You could use it after the opponent fails to grab you or after you send them flying into the air. Just don’t do it when they’re lying on the ground as they’re invincible at that time. Also, you’ll automatically deflect punches that are near you when you activate the special, so you can get in a rush attack that way as well.

Your opponent will know when your rush attack gauge is filled up so they’ll play more defensively. Use that to your advantage. For instance, they’ll probably try to block more often, making them vulnerable to grabs.

7. Take Advantage of Power-Ups

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Occasionally, power-ups will appear in the arena. There are two power ups that create an aura around an area of the arena, and either heal whoever is in it or fill up their rush attack gauges faster. Your opponent can be affected as well as you, so naturally they’ll try to head to the aura. They’ll be pretty distracted at this point, so use that to your advantage to catch opponents off guard.

There are also two bombs that will either do heavy damage or stun fighters with electricity. Try to hit the bombs as they float in midair so they activate and fly toward your opponent, and then try hitting your opponent to stun them so they get caught in the blast. However, you can be hit by the explosion as well so try not to get too close. If you do get near a bomb as it’s about to explode, you can pull in your opponent with a grab and take them with you.

8. Here’s How to Perform a Spike in V-Ball Matches

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ARMS has volleyball matches. The goal is to punch the ball over the net and on your opponent’s side.

The most efficient way to do so is to spike the ball. To perform a spike, punch with both arms to activate your grab. When you hit the ball, it will fly straight in the air. Then just punch it again to spike the ball.

If your opponent is trying to spike the ball, anticipate the spike and punch as it flies straight into the air in order to block it.

9. Charge Up Your Punches



By charging up your punches, you’ll not only increase the damage of said punches but activate their effects. For instance, charging the Chilla and then hitting the opponent will freeze them for a bit. You’ll also be able to flinch heavy fighters like Master Mummy and Mechanica who don’t flinch when hit with normal punches.

You can charge punches by blocking, or holding the dash or jump buttons. The longer you charge punches, the longer they’ll stay charged.

10. Stay Unpredictable

ARMS Switch


Don’t use one tactic over and over again in a match. If you do, then your opponent will catch on and punish you accordingly. So if you dash over and over again, your opponent will pinpoint your location and punch you over there. Use a variety of movemenbts, attacks, and tactics to keep your opponent on your toes.

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