Friday the 13th: The Game: How to Earn XP Quickly

Friday the 13th: The Game

With Friday The 13th: The Game’s receiving a double XP weekend starting June 23, players will want to obtain as much experience as they can before this event ends. Since characters, Perks, and even different Jasons are all locked behind leveling up, maximizing your XP will be key. For this guide, we are going to break it down into two sections (Counselors and Jason) since players cannot always choose who they want to be. We highly recommend playing as much Friday The 13th: The Game as possible this weekend given leveling up can take ages. However, even if the event if over you can use these tips to help maximize your experience, regardless so consider some of these tips if you want to alleviate the grind.


Friday The 13th The Game Counselors

Typically, players will have far more time on a counselor than Jason so it’s important to know what gets to XP and how to earn a lot during a game. While escaping will net you the most experience, there are a number of things you can do that also give you more points towards your rank. Out first recommendation is to always barricade the doors of a building you are in, as the first time doing it earn you 5 XP. You’ll also want to repair anything you come across, as this gives you a lot of experience even if you don’t manage to escape. Always focus on fixing things in Friday The 13th: The Game as it’s one of the best ways to get points towards leveling up.

Attacking Jason or stunning him will also nab you some points, so consider picking a more Strength oriented counselor so you can stun him easier. There’s also a time bonus awarded at the end of each round, so even if you’re all alone, try to stall the game out as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by kiting Jason through large houses which can easily stall out the match for at least a few minutes. Alternatively, you can hide out in sleeping bags at camps, which are rarely ever checked by Jason until, as many seem to forget they completely exist.

Also if you get the chance make sure you are the one to call Tommy, as that will net you a nice amount of experience as well. To find his house just look for the cabin with the giant orange and white tower next to it. This indicates the console is inside, so always make sure to call him when you get the chance. Of course, the best way to earn experience is by escaping, so try your hardest in each game so you can maximize those sweet points.

Finally, if you have the Grinder XP Perk make sure to equip it so you can gain even more experience when you are playing during the weekend.


Jason Friday the 13th

Earning experience with Jason is way more straight forward, as the best way is to simply kill the counselors in as many ways as possible. Catching players in traps will also earn you a nice amount of experience, so either set them outside of windows if you have people cornered or set them around cars. This will ensure you have a very high chance of capturing people and then you can teleport to their location for an easy kill.

Remember with Jason to use vehicles as bait since that’s where a lot of survivors will typically congregate early on. For a quick kill make sure to teleport at the start of the round the big house (marked as yellow on the map) since someone almost always spawns here. Make sure to pick a Jason that can easily catch up to foes via Shift and Morph, since water speed based ones are not always ideal. Try to be as efficient as possible and if a survivor is trying to stall out the timer just let them go and hunt someone else. Sometimes it’s best to leave them alone, if only temporarily.

However, given many players have gotten very savvy with how to deal with Jason now, playing as the counselors might be your best. It’s easier to earn more XP, especially if you are newer at the game since you have way more opportunities.

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