Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels

(Riot Games)

Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels has been one of the more prominent figures in the growing esports community. He was noticeably absent from the opening of the European League of Legends Championship and no reason was given for his absent.

It turns out he actually decided to step down from his role, after private photographs of himself were spread without his consent.

Here are the five fast facts you need to know about Mitch Voorspoels.

1. Voorspoels Has Been Heavily Involved In The League of Legends Esport Scene For Two Years

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Voorspoels joined the team at Riot Games to become an official caster for League of Legends after his playing career with the game. He has since become one of most recognizable faces of the sport and has grown quite a following.

At the time of this writing, he has over 330,000 Twitter followers. In a now-deleted Tweet from May 22, he said he was taking a break from Riot Games but yesterday, he officially announced he was stepping down from the role for the foreseeable future.

All of this is because of leaks of private pictures of himself that he had sent to a female acquaintance.

2. Voorspoels Released A Statement Announcing He Was Stepping Down From Casting

Here is the full statement, not in tweet form:

“As of right now I’ve decided with the support of Riot that I will be stepping down from my role as an EU LCS shoutcaster for the foreseeable future. I’ll be taking an extended break where I want to live life out of the spotlight for a while and focus on myself.

Being in a position of fame and constant scrutiny isn’t easy to deal with and it has been quite the learning process for me. I think it’s best for me to take a step back and reflect on that period of time, what I’ve learned and what makes me happy.

I’m extremely grateful for the last few years. Working in this amazing industry, creating happiness and even inspiring others has been a true privilege. I’d like to thank all my coworkers who have been a pleasure to work with/for, and most of all to the fans who have followed my career so far.

I do not know what the future holds, maybe I’ll come back to casting eventually, maybe I’ll work in the back end of esports in a more supportive function with less of a spotlight, but right now I need a break and hope you can all understand that.”

3. Under The Name “Krepo”, Voorspoels Experienced Success As A LoL Player

Closer Look: How You Got Your Name2014-03-09T06:33:01.000Z

Krepo was first introduced to PC gaming with Warcraft 3 and moved into World of Warcraft. Warcraft 3 had a mod called Defense of the Ancients, which ended up turning into the wildly popular game of the same name. This game is what led Krepo into League of Legends.

His mained the Support role and his favorite champions were Leona, Blitzcrank, Anivia and Lulu. He has been a member of Counter Logic Gaming Europe, Evil Geniuses and Elements.

Krepo officially retired from League of Legends in 2015 and shifted his talents into casting. His nickname Krepo came by smashing his hands on his keyboard.

4. The Response From His Peers Have Been Mostly Positive

After the announcement that Voorspoels was stepping down, the responses have flooded in wishing him the best of luck in the future. His peers have been mostly accepting of his decision and wished him luck in the future.

Here are some more of the responses he received from his colleagues.

5. Voorspoels Was Accused Sleeping With An Underage Girl Last Year By A Twitch Streamer

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Twitch streamer Ali Larson, better known as “Gross Gore” accused Voorspoels of sleeping with a 15-year-old girl live on one of his streams last year.

According to Slingshot Esports, Gross Gore was banned from Twitch for a year for making the remarks and has only recently been allowed to start streaming on the site again. For a while after the accusation, people would type “15” into the Twitch streams whenever Voorspoels was talking.

Gross Gore later apologized for his comments.

My Last Final Words [Apology to Twitch/Krepo]UPDATE – 4 May 2016 I am happy to announce that I will get streaming VERY soon! I have been in contact from another Platform who have welcome'd me with open arms & promised to look after me which they have already demonstrated with their amazing customer support service. I don't believe that I will ever leave their side & I personally want to help build their community with the combination of mine. I believe everything happens for a reason & this platform is gonna be our home where I can be myself all the time which is perfect for me. I feel this is what I need to take my next step, I can tell as many stories as I want, talk about anything in the world and be as raunchy as I please. (Including donations msgs) I've been promised I will also not have the stress of anything bad happening to me, ever. I'm gonna work so hard all over again, every day (i'm in no rush) & this will be our place, our home, that you are all welcomed too. I will make this our place to sit & enjoy the atmosphere that I can single handily bring to the platform. They believe in me, & I believe in them. I've been on at 300 viewers before & I know It may be slow at the start building up again but I know with; time,effort, patience & my consistency everything will turn out perfect in the end. I'm really excited to build this community with you all, & will never quit because you all believe in me & I can't just let you all down. I'll do you guys proud. That's a promise. I'm gonna come back stronger than ever before & it's gonna be a pleasure to entertain you all for the many years to come. Thanks for all the support through the rough times, i'll keep you all posted on social media.2016-04-23T09:28:57.000Z

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