Overwatch: Gorgeous New 19″ D.Va Statue Unveiled

For those hoping to show off their love for one of Overwatch’s most popular tanks, a brand new D.Va statue as just been unveiled. The fourth in a line of high-end statues, this figure stands a mighty 19 inches/48.26 centimeters tall and is hand painted. This figure will feature both the Meka and pilot Hana Song herself, but are not movable like the Funko Pop variant of this character.

However, unlike the other sculptures that Blizzard has released for Overwatch, this one is far pricier at a whopping $450 dollars. This is without a doubt to compensate for the size since she is the tallest figure currently available. D.Va is currently available for pre-orders, however, the actual sculpture will not actually release until sometime during the fourth quarter. We don’t recommend waiting on this statue, however, as they tend to sell fairly quickly so make sure to lock up yours as soon as you can.

If the price is too much there is also Tracer, Widowmaker, and Reaper statues that are a little more affordable at $150. Speaking as someone who owns the Reaper statue, the quality itself is incredibly high and it’s clear a lot of work goes into detailing these figures to make them as accurate as possible.

D.Va getting a statue shouldn’t come as a big surprise since she is perhaps one of the most popular characters in the game right now. Part of that is because of how effective she is in the “dive meta” alongside Winston, Tracer, and Genji. Since she is a tank, one should expect all other heroes in this class archetype to be priced about the same given they’re roughly the same size. The last class missing for a statue is support and we have little doubt that Blizzard will end up picking Mercy given her insane popularity amongst the community.


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