Pokemon Go Raids: How Far Away Can You Be & Receive a Notification?

A new gym update is coming to Pokemon Go. (Niantic)

Raid Battles are now being made available to a significant chunk of players in Pokemon Go. One thing that’s great about Raid Battles is that you’ll receive a notification when one is about to occur, but how close do you need to be to the gym in order to get this notification?

You have to be pretty close in order to get a notification about an upcoming Raid Battle; it appears that players won’t receive a notification about a raid unless they’re close enough for the gym to appear on their map.

This is not something that Niantic officially announced, but Pokemon Go players have noticed that as they’re walking, they often receive the notification about an upcoming Raid Battle the very instant that the relevant gym appears on their map screen.

The relatively low Raid Battle radius has disappointed some players, who were hoping to be able to find out about upcoming Raid Battles when they are further away from them. That’s especially true for players who live in areas where gyms are few and far between. However, it seems that Niantic really wants to encourage players to get out there and explore, hoping that they’ll stumble upon a Raid Battle, rather than being able to sit at home and receive a notification about one.

The good news is that the game does give you plenty of notice before a Raid Battle begins. Before it starts, a countdown will be placed over a gym, and this countdown can sometimes be as long as two hours, giving nearby players plenty of time to discover the Raid Battle and plan to be there at a specific time. You can also see this by looking at your nearby tab, where upcoming Raid Battles will be displayed.