‘Pokemon Go’ Technical Machine: How to Use a TM to Learn a New Move


One of the new features that Niantic has now added to Pokemon Go are technical machines. TMs come in two types: Fast Training Machine and Charged Training Machine. Each item can be used to teach a new move to one of your Pokemon. Pokemon trainers are really excited about these new items, since they’ve been waiting a long time for the ability to teach their Pokemon new moves.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, you’ll need to be at least level 15 to use a Fast TM, and at least level 25 to use a Charged TM. The Fast TM will teach your Pokemon a random fast move, and the Charged TM will teach your Pokemon a random charged move. Both TMs are among the new items that will drop after you win a raid battle. Raid battles are still in beta and you must be at least level 35 to participate in one. But starting at some point in July, raid battles will be available to everyone, and so will TMs.

Teaching your Pokemon a new move with a TM is pretty easy. First, just go to your bag, find the TM, and select it. At this time, your Pokemon screen will appear and you can scroll through and select the Pokemon that you want to use the TM on. You can only get moves that are currently available when you’re using a TM. The Go Hub DB provides a nice list of TM-eligible moves here.

As far as which Pokemon you can use a TM on: the sky’s the limit. You can use as many TMs as you want on the same Pokemon, and you can use TMs on any level or gender. All Pokemon are eligible for TMs. But remember: you’ll always get a new move when you use a TM on a Pokemon. There will be no chance of getting the same move you already have. And legacy moves are not among the current possible outcomes.

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