The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Where to Find the Korok Mask

Zelda BotW Korok Mask Finish

Collin MacGregor

With the newest piece of DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild officially released, players are running around the gorgeous lands of Hyrule in search of the new items added. All of these DLC pieces of armor homage various games in the Zelda franchise, along with offering some very nice bonuses for players. One of these pieces is the Korok Mask, which is perhaps one of the hardest new items to find, especially if you haven’t unlocked the hidden forest.

Collin MacGregor

To start, warp the Woodland Tower that is located north of Hyrule Castle by Eldin Canyon. Jump off the tower and fly towards the Lost Woods entrance. Once you reach this area follow the path of the torches until you make your way to the two torches in the middle of the woods by a large tree. Turn left and head through the foggy area between the various trees. Try to stay between them otherwise, the fog will consume you and you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the Lost Woods. Continue along this path until you come across a hollowed out tree with a chest located in it. Climb up into this rotted area and unlock the chest to obtain the Korok Mask.

Zelda BotW Korok Mask Chest

Collin MacGregor

While this item may look incredibly silly, the Korok Mask is very useful for those looking to find all 900 hidden Koroks in Breath of the Wild. When you approach one the mask will shake and alert the player that there is a Korok hiding somewhere. The Korok Mask won’t give you exact direction, this is still great for those trying to 100% this game without a guide. This item also doesn’t offer any other set bonuses and has a rather low base armor stat. Remember to not sell the Korok Mask as it will not be obtainable again in-game unless you start a new file.

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