Crusaders of Light: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Crusaders of Light.

1. Mix and Match Your Skills

Crusaders of Light


• In Crusaders of Light, you can mix and match your skills to your preferred fighting style and prepare yourself for the fight ahead. Optimize for power output, max your support skills, or create your own personalized skill set. Once you find your favorite skills, use your runes to increase their power and customize their effects.

2. Change Paths on the Fly

Crusaders of Light


• Each character class in Crusaders of Light – Ranger, Warrior and Mystic – has three unique specializations that allow players to choose the best toolkit for the job ahead. If you need to change back, you can easily switch between paths, anytime. Use Talent XP to increase the effectiveness of your paths.

3. Complete Your Daily Activities to Maximize Your Point Totals

Crusaders of Light


• Earn activity points by running dungeons and completing daily activities, and reputation tasks to unlock rewards. Activity points max out at 100 per day.

4. Use Auto-Navigation as Your Personal GPS

Crusaders of Light


• The days of squinting at maps are behind us. Use the auto navigation feature to avoid getting lost in Milura – consider it your personal in-game GPS.

5. Dungeons are Your Best Way to Score

Crusaders of Light


• In Crusaders of Light, dungeons are the best source for snagging new loot that will help you level-up throughout the game. You’ll get bonus XP and loot for the first two times you run each dungeon, so make sure to find them all.

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