Overwatch: How to Play Doomfist and Use His Abilities

Overwatch Doomfist

Overwatch’s newest hero has been released upon the world and players are already flocking to the PTR (Public Test Realm) to pummel each other to death. There’s been a lot of hype generated around this hero and his close range focus is quite unique. While his attacks are exceptionally powerful, Doomfist’s greatest strength is his insane mobility and combo potential. Not only can he launch himself into the air, but this hero can rocket across the map quickly via his Rocket Punch.

However, it’s important to remember that Doomfist is still being tested and is subject to change before his official release. In fact, he has already received a nerf to his Rocket Punch’s distance in an attempt to limit his ability to nail targets from across the battlefield. This is perhaps one of the most complex heroes in Overwatch’s entire roster and will certainly see play in competitive mode thanks to his sheer stopping power.

Here’s how to play Doomfist and bring the pain to your enemies:

(Author’s Note: Doomfist is highly subject to change so we will adjust this guide if anything alters before his release.)

Primary Fire – Hand Cannon

Overwatch Doomfist

Doomfist’s base attack is a shotgun fused into his left hand that has rechargeable ammo which takes 0.75 seconds per round to reload. He can only hold a base four rounds at any time and the maximum damage a shotgun round can inflict his 66 on a single target. There is no fall off damage, so if you need to help poke an enemy or take down a shield feel free to fire away. This shotgun is quite powerful, however, players should not become reliant on it as an effective dueling tool.

Instead, use the Hand Cannon as an initiator or follow up to your other abilities. If you manage to land only a semi-charged Rocket Punch then a few shotgun rounds are perfect for killing players. Given the slow recharge rate and low ammo count, this weapon is something best used for finishing off opponents. Learn to pace your shots and track your targets after you hit them to ensure they do not get away after you charge in.

Alternate Fire – Rocket Punch

Overwatch Doomfist

This is Doomfist’s bread and butter, so aspiring players will absolutely need to master this move to use this character effectively. When fully charged, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch deals 100 damage upon impact and will deal and additional 150 if they hit the wall. Now this damage will of course vary depending on how long you hold alternate fire down, but it’s usually best to always aim for maximum charge. Rocket Punch is a wonderful initiation attack as it allows you to strike without warning and then follow up with your other moves.

Always, always, always try to hit someone against a wall or off a cliff as this will ensure you either kill them or bring them close to death. This move can currently travel 9 meters, meaning you can easily close the gap in a team fight and shut down problematic individuals. When picking targets, aim for less mobile heroes that can be easily disposed of with a single punch or some follow up rounds. Characters like Zenyatta, McCree, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Symmetra, Ana, Torbjorn, and even Reaper are great targets for Doomfist. His sheer speed and power allow him to dash into a battle, quickly eliminate a key target, and escape from the fight.

Rocket Punch is also a great mobility tool and given it only has a 4-second cooldown there’s never a reason not to use it.  Try to always make use of Doomfist’s burst of speed to cross gaps or escape from a tough fight that isn’t in your favor. You can also stop Reinhardt’s Charge with this move, even if it’s not fully charged up before you dash at him.

Ability 1 – Seismic Slam

Overwatch Doomfist

Doomfist’s first ability allows him to launch forward and slam his fist down releasing a shockwave that pulls any affected enemy towards him. The damage of this ability depends on the distance, so it’s typically good for catching more mobile enemies off guard. Your damage radius will be indicated by the glowing blue triangle so anything caught in that symbol will be affected.

This is not only a great traversal ability, but fantastic for leading into your combos. While you typically don’t want to finish off a foe with Seismic Slam, it can be great for setting players up for a Rocket Punch or Rising Uppercut. Unless your opponent is super low when you pull them close, players will always want to chain this move into Rising Uppercut or Rocket Punch. You can also use this move to pull people into other ultimates like D.Va’s Self Destruct or Zayra’s Graviton Surge. It’s important to understand this move will rarely get the maximum damage needed to one shot a hero like Tracer, so always use this move when your other skills are off cooldown.

Ability 2 – Rising Uppercut

Overwatch Doomfist

Rising Uppercut allows a Doomfist player to knock an enemy into the air and leap up with them so they are level. This move does 50 damage, which makes it one of Doomfist’s least powerful moves by base stats alone. However, the follow-up potential more than counters this as players can Rising Uppercut into a half charged Rocket Fist to absolutely decimate their target. You also cause a bit of knockback, so it’s possible to Rising Uppercut people off a stage, but this is a bit inconsistent.

Instead, you will want to to use this move as a way to displace less mobile targets, allowing for Doomfist users to pour on damage. Try to not go after targets with strong vertical mobility like Genji or Pharah, as they can easily escape from this before your combo is complete. You can also use Rising Uppercut to help you escape or reach high areas, so always be on the lookout for vantage points. This move combined with Rocket Punch will let you easily sneak up or close the gap on an unsuspecting Hanzo or Widowmaker who are on a perch.

Ultimate – Meteor Strike

Overwatch Doomfist

Okay, this is perhaps one of the most bonkers ultimates in all of Overwatch as Doomfist will rocket into the air and then come down on his targets dealing 300 damage at the epicenter of his strike. Not only will this instantly kill over half of the game, but he deals additional damage to those around him. One of the most important things to note is that Meteor Strike is not confined by ceilings, meaning you can literally activate it in a hall and come down on enemies even if there is a roof.

Outside of using it with ultimates like Graviton Surge, Earth Shatter, or EMP, you will want to use this ultimate to take out heroes hiding away from foes. You have 4 seconds to position Doomfist and activate his ultimate, meaning heroes like Zenyatta or Ana have no real way of escaping. Try to use this as a way to absolutely decimate backlines or breakthrough chokeholds by crushing the enemy Reinhardt. Given how scattershot his damage can be with this ultimate, try to not save it for that one perfect moment.

Given how scattershot his damage can be with this ultimate, try to not save it for that one perfect moment. It’s far better to use Meteor Strike liberally, as it will allow you to remove one or two problematic enemies during a team fight. Remember, enemies will not be able to see your damage radius until you confirm the placement. This will let you play mental games with your foes and force them away from objectives or critical chokepoints.

How to Play & Weaknesses

Overwatch Doomfist

When it comes to playing Doomfist you need to think of him as a fighting game character that has been added to Overwatch. Unlike any other hero, his moves combo into each other perfectly which can easily kill an enemy. Mastering, creating, and understanding the limitations of his kit will be paramount to your success as Doomfist is completely reliant on his abilities. When it comes to Doomfist, don’t be afraid to dive in head first along with your team. His ability to gain shields as he does damage means that players can be very aggressive with him.

Use this to your advantage by always getting in the face of opponents and applying pressure to them. Ideally you want them to panic and lose track of what’s going on, which is remarkably easy given most of Doomfist’s kit focuses on displacement. There’s also no shame in diving in on an enemy team, hitting their least mobile target, and then getting out. His abilities have a low enough cooldown that this is quite possible, especially if you land the opening Rocket Punch.

However, because Doomfist is so reliant on his skills, heroes like Sombra and Orisa are pretty strong counters to him. Being able to either disable or shrug off his moves can make him a sitting duck and an easy kill. You will also want to be wary of foes like Pharah or even Genji as their verticle advantage can easily exploit just how grounded this hero is. Try to only play Doomfist on attack or on King of the Hill maps, as his kit doesn’t really work well when defending.

Doomfist is an especially complex hero so it may take some time before you really get the hang of using him. He’s very powerful for the dive meta and can be a great compliment alongside the likes of Pharah or Soldier: 76. With some time and practice you will eventually be punching every hero you come across in Overwatch.

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“You can also use this move to pull people into other ultimates like D.Va’s Self Destruct or Zayra’s Graviton Surge”

I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation

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