Overwatch’s Doomfist Receives New Backstory Involving Talon


Doomfist is perhaps one of Overwatch’s most hyped characters since the first teases of Sombra dropped before BlizzCon 2016. While his backstory has largely been shrouded in mystery, developer Blizzard decided to shine some light on the events leading up to the Numbani attack that revolved around Orisa. In a post released today, players learned that Akande Ogundimu (Doomfist) was actually broken out of a hidden prison by the shadowy organization Talon.

The assault was led by Reaper who killed dozens of Helix security officers that were defending the inmates.  After Doomfist’s disappearance, he reportedly resurfaced sometime later in Numbani. After destroying the various OR15 robots, he reclaimed his powerful weapon, Doomfist, and has since vanished from sight. This backstory adds some intriguing context to the events leading up to the Numbani which have been teasing players since the announcement of the last hero Orisa.

Given we can see that the legendary Doomfist is missing from the Numbani payload and the destroyed robots in the Attacker Spawn room, it was pretty clear this villain was involved. However, until now it was unclear exactly what his affiliation or why he resurfaced even existed. Now that we know Talon has some interest in this hero, one can only wonder what plans characters like Widowmaker and Reaper have for him.

There has been no official release date announced for Doomfist, however, many have speculated that he is set to release during this year’s Summer Games event. Since he has been teased for months now, it would be surprising if Blizzard decided to draw out his release until BlizzCon 2017 in November. Players also have no idea what role he might actually fill, but most have been guessing he is either going to be a tank or an offense hero.

While we still know so little about this character, his involvement in the next event is appear more and more certain. Now, all we have to do is wait and hope that Doomfist isn’t months away.

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