Pokemon Go: How Long Will Articuno Be in Raid Battles?

Niantic Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

Niantic Labs has just announced how much longer Articuno will be made available in Raid Battles.

In a tweet on Tuesday evening, Niantic said that the legendary bird will continue spawning in Raid Battles for another six days, lasting until Monday, July 31st.

Articuno started spawning in raids following Pokemon Go Fest on Saturday. Team Mystic caught the most Pokemon that day, and it’s because of this that Articuno was selected to appear in Raid Battles.

However, when this legendary bird began appearing in Raid Battles, nobody knew whether this was a temporary thing or whether it was being added to the rotation permanently. Most players assumed it would be added permanently.

Things changed on Monday when the official Pokemon website added a new page that implied Articuno is only going to be around for a select period of time. The website stated, “Now everyone can catch Articuno, but it will appear at Gyms only for a brief while, so join your friends and try to defeat this awesome Pokémon.”

After a few days of confusion, Niantic finally cleared this up tonight. As some fans had theorized, Niantic will be swapping the legendary birds out for one another, so when Articuno disappears, it will be replaced by Moltres for a week. Then, Moltres will be replaced by Zapdos for a week. It’s unclear what will happen after that and whether Articuno will return.

To be safe, if you want an Articuno, you should make it a priority to fight it in Raid Battles as many times as possible over the next week in hopes of capturing one. Meanwhile, Lugia is also appearing in Raid Battles. Niantic has not specified whether Lugia is around permanently or if it will stop spawning in Raid Battles at any point.

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