Destiny 2 PC: All of the Graphics Settings

Destiny 2

Destiny has long been known as a console exclusive game but the day has finally come where Destiny will be available on PC. It looks like Bungie didn’t skimp out on any features either as we’re looking at a wide range of options being available. Keep in mind that these are just the settings seen in the beta but this will likely be what we’re seeing in the main game as well.

Destiny 2

You can see we are looking at typical features such as Anti-Aliasings, Texture Quality, Shadow Quality, etc. but we also have a couple of uncommon features such as Light Shafts and Wind Impulse. As far as Graphics Quality, players have the options of choosing between Low, Medium, High and Highest. Of course you can tinker with the options and go for a Custom setting as well.

In terms of the different Window Modes available, we have the options of Windowed, Fullscreen, Borderless Windows and Windowed Fullscreen. Destiny 2 features an uncapped framerate but we have the option of locking it at either 30 FPS or 60 FPS through Vsync. Yes, there is a Field of View slider so you don’t have to worry about your gun taking up half of your screen.

Destiny 2 also has a couple of additional graphic settings that appeal to players with HDR displays. The additional features are HDR, Chromatic Aberration and Film Grain.

Destiny 2

That’s about all we’re looking at in the graphics department for Destiny 2. If you’re a player who likes to measure their in-game performance such as frames-per-second then you might find that to be a little difficult with Destiny 2. Currently, FPS monitoring tools such as Fraps are not compatible with Destiny 2. With the game being a exclusive, we don’t have the benefit of the Steam overlay giving us our FPS so players are pretty much out of luck in that department. Luckily there is an FPS monitor if you head to Gameplay and switch it on.

Destiny 2 releases October 24 for the PC. The open beta is live from now until August 31.

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