Nyko Clip Grip Power for Nintendo Switch Review

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Voice chat for Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch is a mess. The game requires you to not only use your cell phone to connect to your friends but to have the Nintendo Switch Online app open at all times. However, there have been accessories made to make voice chat a bit more bearable. The Nyko Clip Grip Power is one of them.

The Clip Grip Power is essentially a direct upgrade to the Joy Con Comfort Grip that comes standard with each Nintendo Switch. You can detach the Joy Con controllers from the Switch and slide them onto the Clip Grip Power to play with them as if they were a standard controller. However, unlike the standard Comfort Grip that comes with the Switch, the Clip Grip Power comes with a 3,000 mAh battery that will charge your Joy Cons as you play. There’s also a storage compartment for seven Switch game cartridges and two micro SD cards.

nyko clip grip power, clip grip power, nintendo switch

Jack Fennimore

But the big selling point of the Clip Grip Power is the cell phone mount. All you have to do is detach the mount from the back, click it into place at the top, extend its arm, and the place your phone into the mount for it to grip. The arm extends to a little over four inches, meaning it will fit just about any phone within that width. You can even charge your phone by attaching the included USB cord to the base of the Clip Grip Power and the phone, ensuring that the phone doesn’t die when you’re in the middle of a game.

As a grip for the Joy Cons, the Clip Grip Power is better than the standard grip. The grips on either side of the peripheral are a big bigger and more curved than the standard grips without adding too much weight, making it more comfortable to use. And the fact that it charges the Joy Cons as you play makes it all the better.

As a phone mount, its pretty serviceable as well. I was able to secure my 5.95 by 3.12 by 0.33 inch and 5.9 ounce Galaxy Note 3 into the Clip Grip Power and keep it that way. It does add quite a bit of weight to the controller, which may make extended play sessions a bit more exhausting on your wrists. But I didn’t feel significantly impaired during gameplay even when twisting the controller around with Splatoon 2’s motion controls.

nyko clip grip power, clip grip power, nintendo switch

What does get in the way is the four foot long USB cord that you use to charge your phone. It works just fine, but it’s too long and dangles from your Clip Grip Power in a distracting way. And the fact that you’re also going to have cords coming from your headphones doesn’t help matters. So if you want to reduce that clutter, you’re going to have to find a shorter cord.

But the biggest problem with the Clip Grip Power is the fact that the phone mount and face plate for game storage detaches completely. This means that if you lose them, you’re pretty much up a creek without a paddle. Also, while attaching the mount from the back of the controller to the top works just fine, detaching it from the top requires you to almost force it off as you push on the mount away from the peripheral.

Bottom Line

nyko clip grip power, clip grip power, joy con grips

The Nyko Clip Grip Power is a direct upgrade to the standard Joy Con Comfort Grip and a valiant effort to fix the problems with voice chat on the Switch. However, it’s merely a bandage over what is a fundamentally flawed approach to voice chat. That being said, at its MSRP of $24.99 it’s five bucks cheaper than Nintendo’s official Charging Grip. So it’s worth getting just for the discount as well as the added features.

It also has a name that’s fun to say over and over again.

You can buy the Nyko Clip Grip Power here.


  • More comfortable than standard grip even with phone attached
  • Charges your controllers and your phone
  • Storage for games and micro SD cards is a nice touch


  • Mount and face plate detach completely
  • You have to force off the mount
  • USB cord is too long

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