Overwatch: Orisa May Have a Buff Coming

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Overwatch has a pretty large roster of heroes but one that has struggled to find a place in the constantly shifting meta is Orisa. The game’s newest tank hero was introduced back in March and while she looks cool, she hasn’t really been a very popular pick.

A reason for her not being all that popular is the fact that she doesn’t do a whole lot of damage. Sure she is viable with the right player but there are better tank options out there. This issue was brought up on the Blizzard forums a few days ago and Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director, offered a response.

We don’t think she needs a mega buff. We are experimenting with some minor improvements though. Apologies for no details — we’re trying a few things right now and not all of them are going to stick. Overall, we feel like she’s not far off but not quite in the ideal spot yet.

He doesn’t share a whole lot more than that but it does give us confirmation that the team is looking into making Orisa a more viable option going forward.

Another hero that is going through an identity crisis is Roadhog. The once popular tank has seen his pick and win-rate drop ever since the nerf came out that caused him to no longer 1-shot heroes such as Zenyatta and Mercy. He isn’t completely useless but with his ability to 1-shot heroes all but gone, he has a lost a lot of what made him a good pick.

The newest hero, Doomfist, has also prompted lots of discussion too. A Reddit post pointed out that Doomfist can 1-shot 18 of the heroes in the game and Roadhog no longer has that ability. Part of the Roadhog nerf was because 1-shot kills were deemed bad so it’s interesting to see Doomfist has the ability.

Of course, Overwatch is constantly re-balancing things so we’ll see what happens with the next patch.