‘Pokemon Go’ Moltres: Best Moves & Counters in Raids


Pokemon Go trainers only have a few more days to battle Moltres in Raids before the Legendary leaves the game (although it’s likely Niantic will bring Moltres back at some point.) How can you have the best chance at success until August 7 ends and Moltres is gone? Here are the best moves and counters that players have noted so far.

Trainers have noted that, in general, Moltres is easier to defeat in raids than Lugia. If you start out with a lineup of Vaporeon, you’re likely to win. (In fact, some trainers with just five players in a battle have been able to defeat Moltres with a starting lineup of Vaporeon at 3,000 CP, followed by less-strong Vaporeon, and finally Rhydon and Kabutops.

Other trainers have had good luck going straight for rock-type Pokemon, like Golem, when battling Moltres.

Interestingly, trainers’ personal observations with Moltres seem to differ a bit from GamePress’ suggestions. GamePress suggests that the best overall Supreme Counters for Moltres are:

  • Golem with Rock Throw + Stone Edge/Rock Blast
  • Omastar with Rock Throw or Water Gun + Rock Slide/Rock Blast/Hydro Pump.

Next, the best overall Good Counters are:

  • Tyranitar with Bite + Stone Edge
  • Vaporeon with Water Gun + Hydro Pump/Aqua Tail
  • Dragonite with Dragon Breath or Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw/Outrage/Hurricane
  • Kingdra with Water Gun + Hydro Pump
  • Gyarados with Bite or Dragon Breath or Dragon Tail + Hydro Pump
  • Kabutops with Mud Shot or Fury Cutter + Stone Edge or Ancient Power

Typically, players’ personal observations line up with GamePress suggestions. But here, we see that many players think Vaporeon is the overall best counter for Moltres, while GamePress lists Golem and Omastar above Vaporeon.

What do you think? Which Pokemon do you think have the best moves/counters for Moltres? Let us know in the comments below.

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