Morphite: 5 Celestially Awesome Tips & Tricks

Morphite Tips


By design, Morphite is a fairly…obtuse game that can leave you with a lot of questions regarding how to upgrade, what the best loot is, and so on.

There are secrets and little details abound in Myrah’s adventure and thus this article serves to help. Thus, submitted for your approval are 5 Morphite Tips to help you get the most out of this celestial adventure.

5. Complete The Main Story For Maximum Potential

Progressing in Morphite’s story results in various upgrades to your abilities – specifically weapons and abilities that open up new areas. For example there are boulder formations you can only destroy with the first bomb upgrade you receive.

As time goes on you’ll come across planets with Metroid ball-form looking holes and wonder how you get in. The secret? Play more of the story. Same goes for doors that require lasers, and so on. If you find a weird place you cant get to, odds are you need progress to move forward.

It helps the story is good and the locations it takes place are exciting and feature unique characters and challenges.

4. Keep your Bombs stocked.

Speaking of exploration, you’re going to want to keep your bombs stocked, because you’re going to be using them open up pathways. A lot. And unlike your primary weapon’s ammo, it doesn’t restock on its own, so if you’re not careful you’re going to come across an exciting and enticing looking cavern you can’t enter because you’re not full of bombs, and it’s a bummer.

3. Wear headphones

Morphite is designed to be an immersive experience – especially the music. If you have the opportunity, play Morphite with the lights down, and your favorite pair of headphones on.

You’ll find yourself deep in a retro-future world of crazy sights, catchy tunes, and literally endless worlds to explore.

2. Take your time.

Morphite is best in bite-sized chunks, 20-30 minutes at a time. Complete a mission, explore a few places, and then knock off for the day to play something a bit more mentally and physically taxing.

By limiting playtime, Morphite won’t wear you out, nor will you get bored. Like No Man’s Sky, Morphite is a serene and exceedingly open-ended game. Meaning you make your own fun.

And like Halloween candy, taking in too much of it at once can sour you for awhile.

Plus with the promise of additional content updates and new quests and events, the more you space out your playtime, the more likely you are to see something brand new every time you blast off.

1. Watch out for game-altering Trinket Boxes.

According to the developer: “Trinket boxes can be found on random planets and are hidden in a bunch of the story planets. These add new abilities and buffs for your weapons and suit, and some will affect your random encounters in space.”

Think of them as rare drops. What do these boxes do? Well, it depends – and ruin the surprise if I told you.

Morphite is a game of many secrets and wonders to discover, hopefully the above list will make it just a bit easier to do so, without ruining the fun of the adventure and its mystery.

Morphite is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and iOS, and is coming to the Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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