Adventure Time: Champions and Challengers Out On Mobile Now


Adventure Time is a force of nature – the Cartoon Network series was celebrated for its quirky characters, acid-trip character design, zany humor, and ability to play on – and celebrate – the tropes of the fantasy genre.

And now you can scratch one of the tropes most closely associated with fantasy off Adventure Time’s list, too.

Adventure Time: Champions and Challenges is out now on Android and iOS. Featuring real-time, turn-based combat and 70+ characters to collect and do battle with.

According to the press release: In Champions and Challengers, the evil Dice Lord has kidnapped the beloved Adventure Time characters so it’s up to you to help them. Players will control strategic battles against the Dice Lord to recapture their favorite heroes and baddies—then rank them up to unlock cool new abilities. Battles are fought in real time, with intuitive gesture controls and turn-based RPG-style combat. Players can discover and upgrade character synergies to build a perfect team to take on the Dice Lord’s deadly and dangerous challenges.

So it appears Champions and Challengers has all the ‘weird’ of Adventure Time, a bit of Chrono Trigger’s synergy system, and a dash of Pokemon collect-a-thon thrown in for good measure. Groovy.

The game also promises PVP Arenas and exotic locales.

The developer, YesGnome, is best known for Star Trek: Trexels, and a really cool Kingsman: The Secret Service Game that isn’t a match three puzzler.

Meanwhile, Adventure Time is nearing the completion of its own quest, as the series finale is set for 2018.

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