Destiny 2: How Guided Games Work


During the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event in May, game director Luke Smith said 50 percent of players in Destiny 1 completed a raid. That means half of the players for fired up Destiny didn’t get to experience the meat of the game. Bungie is looking to remedy that with what they call Guided Games.

Guided Games is a new feature found in Destiny 2 designed to make it easier for solo players to experience the raid content found in Destiny 2. Since there isn’t an option for outright matchmaking for raids, you will have two ways to get grouped up with a team. You do this through a matchmaking screen of sorts but there are some slight changes.

The first option is for a clan that doesn’t have enough people having the option to open up their game to solo players. This allows the clan to fill out their roster and the solo player to have a team to complete the raid with. The next option is for solo players to apply for clans that have themselves open to guided games. These options are designed to make grouping for raids a lot easier. The only problem you might run into with allowing a solo player to play with you is you don’t know how their playstyle will mesh with your squad. In a way, that just adds to the experience.

Destiny 2, Guided Games


Guided Games will work with Raids, Trials and Nightfall Strikes so any tough endgame content will now become a lot easier and more accessible to all players. What this doesn’t do is stop the members of the clan from being toxic to the inexperienced solo player. We’re sure measures will be taken to stop this from happening but we don’t know what those are as of yet.

Guided Games is being rolled out in what is being called a soft-beta. In order for Guided Games to work as intended, players will need time to form clans and be ready to actually guide the other players. If there are too many solo players and not enough clans looking for the players then it won’t work as intended and there will be some really long queue lines. Some tinkering may have to be done with the system but we’re confident it will be up and running as planned.

As a result, only a select number of players will have access to Guided Games starting with the Nightfall on September 12. This allows Bungie to see how the system is working and to allow more players to enter based on how it works. The goal is to make sure everyone has a good experience.

Here are the plans Bungie laid out for the Guided Games system.

  1. Nightfall Guided Games Beta: September 12th, 10AM
  2. 30-50% of players will be given seeker access, depending on clan participation in Destiny 2 during the first week.
  3. Nightfall and Raid Guided Games: September 26th, 10AM  
  4. Target: 100% of players will be given seeker access.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. The PC version is arriving October 24 exclusively for



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