Destiny 2: PS4 Pro vs. Base PS4 Differences

Destiny 2

The time has finally arrived guardians. Destiny 2 is here and with comes hours upon hours of content including raids, strikes and PvP. For the first time ever, Destiny will be available on PC, making this installment the most accessible Destiny has ever been.

Destiny 2’s release comes during an interesting time in the console life cycle. Sony now has both the base PS4 and the PS4 Pro on the market while Microsoft is gearing up for the release of the Xbox One X later this year. Both of these consoles represent an increase in power over their counterparts which gives game developers room for increased performance on their games. Destiny 2 is no exception to this.

While Microsoft and Bungie haven’t announced any plans to enhance Destiny 2 for the Xbox One X, we do have news that Destiny 2 will see increased performance on PS4 Pro. While the framerate will remain at 30 FPS, we see the PS4 Pro version get bumped up to a 4K resolution. Eurogamer has said the 4K resolution is met through checkerboarding and it isn’t native 4K. We imagine the vast majority of gamers won’t mind or even notice. Even faux-4K will give you a very noticeable improvement over 1080p.

[4K] Destiny 2 Beta PS4 vs PS4 Pro: Can Bungie Deliver Full 4K Gameplay?Our first look at the PS4 beta with everything you need to know about Pro's 4K support, graphics comparisons, frame-rate tests – the works. DF Patreon supporters can grab a pristine 4K download here: Subscribe for more Digital Foundry:

This information came from the PS4 beta so it’s possible things could have changed since then but we doubt it. The good thing is that Destiny 2 looks good all-around, whether it’s in 1080p or 4K. One thing that might disappoint gamers is the decision to keep the game locked at 30 FPS on both the base PS4 and the Pro. Many games, shooters especially, rely on fluidity so 60 FPS is always a welcome addition. The Call of Duty series has remained a juggernaut in the FPS community and a lot of that can be chalked up to the stable 60 FPS.

In an interview with Edge magazine, reported by Wccftech, Destiny 2 executive producer Mark Noseworthy said 60 FPS would have been possible for the console versions but that would have led Bungie to make compromises that they were unwilling to make.

“Could we make a Destiny game that ran at 60 fps,” Noseworthy said to Edge. “Yes, but the space would be smaller, it would be less cooperative, and there’d be fewer monsters to shoot. That’s not the game we want to make.”

Noseworthy continues by saying the team wanted to make a good game first before worrying about technical things such as the framerate. He encourages those interested in increased framerates to check out the PC version.

“First and foremost, we’re trying to make an incredible action game,” Noseworthy continued. “We don’t feel we’ve been held back by the choices we’ve made about world simulation versus frame rate; in fact, we think we’re offering a player experience you can’t have elsewhere because of the choices we’re making. But if frame rate is something that’s really important to you, there is a platform now where you can spend as much money as you want, to go as fast as you want.”

Destiny 2 on PC features support for true 4K resolutions, uncapped framerates, full mouse and keyboard support complete with custom key mapping, text chat, and adjustable Field of View slider, detailed PC settings screen and full 21:9 widescreen monitor support. Bungie went out of their way to make the PC version feel worthy of the platform.

In the same Eurogamer article, they found Destiny 2, for the most part, kept a more stable framerate on the PS4 Pro than the base PS4. Both consoles remain mostly stable so you can’t really go wrong with either one. If you have the base PS4, Destiny 2 doesn’t give you much of a reason to upgrade unless you have a 4K television in your living room.

If you are in the market for a PS4 Pro and Destiny 2, there are a couple bundles worth checking out, including this bundle from Amazon for $449. Unfortunately the console doesn’t come with any cosmetics changes like this one for Destiny: The Taken King did.

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