How to Defend Against The Wildcat Formation in Madden 18

Madden 18 Wildcat, Madden 18 Guide / EA Sports

Madden 18 is pretty wonderful this year – especially in Ultimate team. With the addition of weekend leagues, live events, and a re-jiggering of the Draft Champions mode to have more rounds (and better rewards) there’s a lot of really good reasons to dive in, head first, to Madden 18’s online suite.

But where there is online Madden play, there is cheese. Nano-Blitzes, ‘money plays’, and tried-and-true tactics are one thing, and common amongst high-level players, but cheese is another.

This year, the biggest ‘cheese’ element, so far, is the ‘Monster’ Wildcat formation. You’ve seen it if you play online. The offense lines up in the Shotgun with only two offensive lineman at the line of scrimmage, with the rest spread out. This causes your defense to spread out automatically, making it impossible to defend the forthcoming play.

If you’re not prepared for this formation, you’re going to get gashed.

The secret? Pinching.

During playcalling, when you see your opponent has selected the Wildcat formation, select a 3-4 or 4-3 defense and either a blitz or Cover 2 Man. As the players approach the line, hit L1 or LB and hit down on the control pad to pinch the line in. Do the same with R1 and RB, and pinch your linebackers.

What you’ll see is the meat of your defense converge in the middle of the field. And since your opponent cannot audible out of his play, he’s going to get dropped for a loss.

The Monster Wildcat formation also has a pass play – but it’s rarely used…unless you start stuffing the run. In which case, run a zone, repeat the same pinch of your linemen and linebackers, and eventually your opponent will see his cheesy wildcat is nothing but a purring kitten.

Here’s a helpful video by way of YouTuber MacSauce:

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