Kingsman: Golden Circle Mobile Game Looks Brill

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2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service was a pretty good movie with a couple of astounding set pieces – specifically a rampage in a church that was as disturbing as it was enthralling. Combined with the gravitas of Colin Firth and directorial…rambunctiousness of Matthew Vaughn, the movie was a modest success and critical darling amongst comic book fans.

The sequel; Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, has the whole gang back together, with a new addition in the marketing department: a mobile tie-in game. A match-3 combat game in the vein of Puzzle Quest, Star Trek, Timelines, and WWE Champions. Take a look below:

(A polygonal outfit suits you well, Mr. Firth.)

For the uninformed, a match-3 puzzle game combines the mechanics of games like Candy Crush of Bejeweled, and lends certain gems attributes used to damage or harm your opponent. For example in WWE Champions, red gems correspond to strikes, so as a ‘strike heavy’ wrestler, you’d want to take aim at those. These modifications to the formula add a much-appreciated element of strategy to a genre that’s typically regarded as ‘casual’.

Combat puzzlers will often feature complex and exciting animations to correspond with the matching action, which seems to be the case here.

If you find yourself interested based on the trailer, you can pre-register for various goodies and bonuses.

The developer, FoxNext games, are known for charming games based on popular intellectual property, including two Family Guy mobile games, The infamous Simpsons: Tapped out, and the renowned Alien: Isolation.

The Kingsman game drops proper on September 14th and the movie follows shortly thereafter, on September 20th.

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