NBA 2K18 Legend vs. Standard Edition: Which Game You Should Buy

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Getty Shaq is part of the Legends Edition of NBA 2K18.

Fans have three NBA 2K18 purchasing options: Standard, Legend and Legend Gold. The Standard Edition is the least expensive option with a $59.99 price tag. For $40 more you can get the Legend Edition at $99.99. Fans who wish to go all out this year can buy the Legend Gold Edition for $149.99.

The Standard version comes with 5,000 VC (Virtual Currency), 10 MyTEAM packs (one per week) and MyPlayer apparel. Shaq fans will likely hone in on either the Legend or Legend Edition Gold. The Legend Edition comes with 100,000 VC, 20 MyTEAM (one per week), Shaq Attaq shoes, rookie Shaq jersey, Shaq logo t-shirt, Shaq nickname jersey and a Shaq championship ring. Those that order the physical copy will also get a poster, 5 Panini cards and Shaq MyTEAM stickers.

Finally, those going all in on 2K18 can get the Legend Edition Gold which loads you up with Shaq apparel and tons of VC. The Legend Edition Gold includes 250,000 VC, 40 MyTEAM (one per week), Shaq Attaq shoes, rookie Shaq jersey, Shaq logo t-shirt, Shaq nickname jersey, Shaq championship ring, five Mitchell & Ness Shaq jerseys and MyPLAYER apparel. The physical copy also comes with a poster, 10 Panini cards, Shaq MyTEAM stickers and a lenticular (3-D image).

Which version you purchase depends on your gaming needs. The two main differences is VC and Shaq-related items. If you are someone who wants to just play the game, the Standard Edition will work just fine. You will be able to build up VC as you play the game.

However, if you want a lot of VC to start off with or are a major Shaq fan, the Legend Edition is for you. To put it in perspective, Best Buy sells 75,000 VC for $19.99 You’ll get 100,000 VC with the expanded edition plus some Shaq apparel.

For me, it is hard to justify spending $150 on a video game, which is the cost of the Legends Edition Gold game. While it does give you a ton of VC (250,000), this is a lot of money to shell out on one game.

Overall, the Standard Edition will work for most gamers, but those wishing to start with more VC in their pocket will want to purchase the Legend edition.