Free VC in NBA2k18: A Repeatable Method

Easy 2k18 VC


VC. Virtual Currency. The sports gaming equivilant of performance enhancing drugs. You want it, you need it, but you don’t want to pay for it.

You’re not alone. Earning VC in NBA2k18 is kind of frustrating, especially in MyCareer, and doubly especially in MyGM or MyLeague mode where you need to play games – and finish them, to get paid.

Or so you’d think. Here’s a nifty trick to earn some extra VC via MyLeague. This is cheap, and may be patched out, but it’s worth a shot – for now, at least.

Set up an NBA2k18 MyLeague with the following settings: Set the Quarter Length to 12 minutes. Game Speed at 100. Then after its all set up, start live-simming games. Then, ‘Jump In’ toward the end of the fourth quarter, wait for the game to end, and bam, you’re getting credit for a completed game and some bonuses for the length of the match, as well.

Is it cheap? Yes. Effective? Sure. The amount you earn depends on you, and results will vary.

That said, the jury is out on how long this exploit will exist – but some people simply don’t have the time to grind, and this is a helpful alternative.

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