This Splatoon 2 Twitter Fan Account Posts Adorable Photos of Marie

A Twitter account has nearly 3,000 followers after only joining August 2017. How did it get so many followers in such a small time? By posting adorable pictures of Splatoon’s Marie.

Blessed Marie Pics posts photos that combine the infectiously pure grin of the plush version of Marie with wholesome situations such as going to bed or enjoying yummy snacks. Apparently the Marie in this account is also a huge fan of Pepsi. Even the plush version of Marie’s sister, Callie, makes an appearance.

Here are some of our favorite posts:

It’s no wonder the account has caught on so quickly. Some people are even joining in on the fun by creating their own photos of Plush Marie, which the account is more than happy to curate.

Here are some of the photos people sent:

In Splatoon, Marie is a pop singer/secret agent along with her cousin, Callie. The duo formed one of the most popular music groups in the world of Splatoon, the Squid Sisters, and are even the hosts of Inkopolis News. On the side, they fend off the Octavian forces threatening Inkopolis as secret agents. The official Splatoon wiki describes Marie as quieter than Callie and a bit more prone to sarcasm and complaining. However, she’s mostly laid-back while occasionally being grumpy, traits that are often displayed in the Blessed Marie Pics posts. After Marie and Callie split off into solo careers, with Callie pursuing appearances at variety shows and Marie pursuing solo concerts and even a career in theatre, the two started to grow distant.

Many have grown a preference for Marie over Callie, as evidenced by the fact that Marie’s team won during the final Splatfest of Splatoon.

While the duo was replaced by the equally endearing Pearl and Marina as the hosts of Inkopolis News in Splatoon 2, Marie played a central role in the single player campaign leading the player throughout the levels, with Callie making an appearance only at the very end.

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