Cuphead: How to Get Coins


StudioMDHR Entertainment

The world of Cuphead is a brutal one but it can be made easier with the use of additional weapons and abilities. Cuphead may look like a 1930s cartoon but it is so much more than that. The game itself is centered around difficult boss battles and you’ll need every edge you can get if you want to become victorious.

Outside of the initial coins you get for starting the game, you’ll have to fend for yourself if you want to build up your bank account. If you go into the shop, you’ll see a couple of useful items such as the ability to gain an extra heart or get the new Spread shot weapon. These things cost a pretty penny so you need to find out a way to get some extra coin and fast. We don’t mean you should be making any additional deals with the Devil either.


You obtain coins through the Run and Gun stages marked on your map by red bulls-eyes. They’re pretty hard to miss so you’ll know one when you see one. These stages are just as hard as the game and they do require you to go out of your way to obtain the coins. You can still only take three hits before you go down so you’ll still have to be just as cautious while doing these stages. They do represent a nice change of pace from the typical boss fights you find in this game. For a moment, the game feels like a platformer. The stages are still pretty short so you’ll finish them in a couple minutes once you actually make it through one.

If you’re just racking up the deaths in Cuphead, we highly recommend checking out these stages to help clear your head and also help you. The stages are generally much easier and less stressful than the plethora of bosses you encounter in the game. It certainly helps the game feel less brutal, that’s for sure.

There are multiple bulls-eyes on each island so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to pick up some additional coins. Getting these coins and buying new weapons and abilities will make paying back your deal with the Devil all that much easier.

Cuphead is out now on Xbox One and PC on Steam, GoG and the Windows Store. Cuphead is a Play Anywhere title so that means an Xbox One digital purchase also nets you a Windows 10 copy and vice-versa.