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You tell your friends you have it down to a science. They better not foul you or they’ll be sorry. You’ve played all the free kick training mini-games. You practice for hours and finally you’re ready.You invite your friend over and the big moment comes.

You duff it into the goalkeepers arms, next chance you sail it into row 52, and now you smack it straight into the wall watching your friend peel off on a breakaway. This is the devilish dance of free kicks, in FIFA. In order to rewrite this as a tale of triumph, here’s what you need to know.

You Better Be Ready for the Big Stage

FIFA 18 gives you the moment of a lifetime, in the opening sequence, as you step up to a free kick in the UEFA Champions League Final. A great angle and arguably the best man for the job is the advantage.

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The disadvantage; this is your first kick at goal, in the brand new FIFA 18. Do you curl over the wall? Yes. Do you hit this one a little harder than you have in any recent FIFA titles? Yes. Is the ball going to beat the keeper into the net? Depends on if you read this guide first.

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Mastering Free Kicks From Any Distance

Know your players. If it’s your favorite team or you have the benefit of being in a season; you will know who your best options are for kick takers.

Remember that the player first stepping up to take the kick may not always be the best man for the job. If Javier Pastore strikes the ball better for you than Neymar; you go with Pastore. The key is confidence before you even start to take the kick.

Goals can be scored even by kicking right at the goalkeeper if you’re confident and use your head!

Before the Kick: Adjust your player’s stance – Move closer to the ball for a quick bender to the short corner – Move away from the ball – Launch a deceptive looping shot over the wall.

Aim appropriately with the left stick; it won’t matter if you have all the curve in the world and are aiming 10 feet outside the post. It won’t matter. The game doesn’t have a Roberto Carlos feature so you must give yourself a chance by aiming near or on target. The key is to use your starting position to influence your shot type while also using your imagination.

During the windup, you have to be mindful of power; you don’t have to be exact, just mindful. Power is less punishing here compared to previous titles of FIFA. With not much practice you will find the right power for each possible distance from goal.

The most experimental part of this whole process is spin. Using your left stick during the wind up adjusts the spin placed on the ball. It all comes together with the spin, but a perfect set up can be nullified when you outswing and inswinger.

I Hate to say it but spin will require practice. It is essential to the most advanced free kicks and a little experimentation can reward you with some beautiful replays. Golazo!

Rejoice! FIFA 18 Penalty Kicks Are Easier

The idea was right. Make penalties more interactive and even more complex. FIFA 17 accomplished both in regards to penalties, however; it also left you feeling as though your goalie was still recovering from a rough night out, inspired a feeling of terror as the game ended in a draw headed for penalties, and still somehow managed to make you look silly with Zlatan, in front of your friends.

This year, FIFA 18 still punishes on the corners so careful with your aim. Power and control are more intuitive. The goalkeeper actually has a chance to make a save this year, with a quicker response and more accurate dives that cover the goal.

Practice up a with friends or penalty mini-games. This will assuage any worries about further embarrassment and help you close out all those close games.

A Great Cross is Extremely Dangerous and Every Corner Has Potential to Be a Great Cross

You can move your players quickly. You can go short and cross it in from a new angle. You can go near or far post. Okay, you get it. There is a lot of control on corners in FIFA 18. Just remember, a charging header from your target man or center back is often your way back into the game.

If it’s time to take the lead or put one away for good; a corner kick is all you need. Because in FIFA 18 the ability to whip in a good ball has never been easier. With several of the new crosses available on your corner delivery, as well as in play, you should never be shy.

Go ahead and flash some of your creativity. Whip it in to the near post or drive a high ball to the back post. Curve it into the danger zone with some real venom or even drop in a little flair begging to be blasted into the back of the net.

Remember be confident and take over the new FIFA 18. Exploit your opponents fouls and put another notch on your belt using the new abilities available in FIFA 18 set pieces.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

FIFA 18 is the best FIFA game EA has ever made. It’s that simple. I cannot believe the huge leap the series has produced in one year. All of these improvements feel like somebody at EA simply flicked a switch and made everything the game used to do 100% better. So many intricate changes come together to make an incredible package. This game is awesome. Great job EA.

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