Fortnite: Battle Royale: Where To Find Slurp Juice

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale received a major patch recently that will surely work wonders in drawing in more players and increasing the longevity of the game. While the patch did introduce a host of changes to the gameplay, it also introduced a microtransaction based store that will allow players to obtain new skins for their character, glider and harvesting tool.

Slurp Juice is a new consumable that has been introduced into the game and it will join the roster with Bandages, Medkits and Shield Potions as consumables that will help your player stay alive. One of the main draws to Slurp Juice is the ability to heal your health bar and add to your shield bar simultaneously. To piggyback off that, Slurp Juice will also heal you past 75 health once you are damaged, making this the only consumable to do this. The juice heals players one point for shield and health over 25 seconds.

Now the question is where you’ll find Slurp Juice. Originally, you would be able to find Slurp Juice where you found Bandages and other healing items, but a glitch was found that allowed players to take advantage of the Slurp Juice. On the initial island while the Battle Bus is undergoing final preparations, players were able to find the Slurp Juice and consume it, and it would recover their shield into the game allowing them to start out with 25 shield.

Epic Games released a quick update saying you will now find Slurp Juice exclusively in Treasure Chests and Supply Drops until the bug is fixed.

Battle Royale players, we will be changing the availability of Slurp Juice in an upcoming hotfix. Slurp Juice can now only be found in Treasure Chests and Supply Drops.

This is a temporary change as we work towards improving the Slurp Juice formula. This change does not require a client update and players will not be taken out of match.

As for now, Slurp Juice will be a pretty rare item. Players will still be able to open a chest on the beginning island and get the juice to take advantage of the glitch but it will be much harder to do so now.

The recent 1.8.1 patch now allows to Slurp Juice to spawn in on the floor, players can no longer drink it while moving and the glitch has been fixed.

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