WATCH: Injustice 2 World Championship TONIGHT On TBS & Twitch

Injustice 2 World Championship


The Injustice 2 World Championship kicks off tonight at 6PM EST on Twitch (with pregame) and the event kicks off proper at 10pm EST on TBS and Twitch. A quarter million dollars is up for grabs.

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Injustice 2 is a beautiful game – and a complex one, too. special-cancels, delays, interrupts, stage transitions, super meters, the gang’s all here as they say. And that complexity is what turns many people off of fighting games.

But it’s also what makes them fun for high-level, competitive players and so much fun to watch for the rest of us. A lot of eSports are for the people who are already invested in a given game; World of Tanks, DOTA, and even CS: GO are played by the best of the best for people who understand and love these games. If you don’t…well, you might be confused – or worse – bored.

Thankfully, Superman beating the ever-loving-smile off The Joker in a near-photorealistic fashion is anything but boring or confusing.

Of all games, fighting games are perhaps the most appealing to a mass audience, and as a result, even if you’re not big into eSports generally, the Injustice 2 World Championship might be worth a watch.

With a $250,000 prize pool on the line, the ELEAGUE-produced event looks to be exciting, competitive, and stressful as heck for the players. “this tournament will help expand the audiences of esports by offering fans high-octane competitive entertainment, through easy to understand fighting game mechanics, with the characters they love.” states the press release.

Tonight’s best-of-five single-elimination event will see ‘Group A’ duke it out for superhero supremecy, with the game’s top player Dominique “SonicFox” McLean looking to add to his over $400,000 in prize winnings. November 3rd will see ‘Group B’ and the grand finale championship occurs November 10th.

ELEAGUEThe Bracket for the Injustice 2 Tournament

Coincidentally, Hellboy was announced as a playable character in the game today, as well. Check out his trailer below:

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