Pipe Lord: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Pipe Lord.

1. You Can Jump Up Through a Platform From Below

Pipe Lord Game

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• Platforms will never let you down – you don’t have to worry about falling through the middle of them. However, you can jump up through them from underneath to get on top of them.

2. Holding Down a Jump Will Throw You Farther Than Just a Simple Tap

• If you need some extra wind under your sails, hold down on the screen for a longer jump that will get you farther. This is integral for making it across wide gaps that seem too huge to cross.

3. Use the Butt Slam to Manage More Precise Landings

Pipe Lord Game

Pipe Lord Game

• Feel yourself flying a little out of control? Tap on the left side of the screen or swipe down while midair and use that butt slam to land exactly where you want to land instead of putting yourself at the mercy of gravity.

4. When You Slide Off a Pipe, Pressing the Jump Button at the Last Second Can Allow You to Travel Farther

• Remember when we said that holding your jumps will make you jump even higher and farther than a simple tap? Same concept, but if you do it just as you reach the bottom of a pipe and slide off, you’ll suddenly believe you can fly as you soar across the air to new heights.

5. Take Advantage of Checkpoints

Pipe Lord Game

Pipe Lord Game

• On longer courses, you’ll encounter little flags you can raise. These are checkpoints, and if you slide past them, they’ll turn green and you’ll start from there instead of going back to the start of the level if you die. Remember, though, you have to run into them – they won’t activate if you jump over them.