Summoners War: Sky Arena: 11 More Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are 11 more updated and essential tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Summoners War: Sky Arena.

1. Climb the Trial of Ascension Through at Least Floor 70

Summoners War

• The Trial of Ascension is a special PvE area and Floor 70 yields a Devilmon. Even if you can’t reach it, it’s still a good idea to fight through the tower every time it resets. There are excellent rewards that are given out frequently for those players strong enough to earn them. Plus, it’s a great way of seeing how much you’ve progressed each month.

2. Join a Guild!

Summoners War

Com2uS Corp.

• Guild Points from Guild Battles can be exchanged for fantastic rewards (some of which can only be obtained through Guild Points). Ifrits, Cow Girls, and a weekly 4* Rainbowmon are just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Join a guild!

3. Train up a Faimon (1) and/or Aiden (1) Farmer

Summoners War

Com2uS Corp.

• Both of these scenarios give a lot of experience points. It’s a good idea to raise a Water and/or Wind Monster respectively to a point where they can complete these levels on their own. That way, they can carry your low-level monsters through.

4. Prioritize Important Purchases in the Arena Shop

Summoners War

Com2uS Corp.

• You’ll want to focus on getting the weekly Devilmon first, then purchasing upgrades for the Mysterious Plant (to help regenerate your Energy faster) and the Sanctum of Energy (to help raise your maximum Energy) before investing in Speed and Damage Towers.

5. Participate in Events Regularly

Summoners War

Com2uS Corp.

• Don’t forget to check out in-game events. Completing in-game events will net you great rewards. For many events, some rewards can be obtained by just playing the game. Aside from in-game events, be sure to look for possible local events in your area and watch the official Summoners War stream. The Com2us live stream gives out 75 Crystals to viewers, and fans attending the World Arena Championship (which is having its finals at the Microsoft Theater on November 25th, 2017) will walk away with plenty of prizes.

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