Super Mario Odyssey: Sand Kingdom Seed Locations

Super Mario Odyssey

The world of Super Mario Odyssey is a big one with several kingdoms to explore. Throughout Mario’s new adventure on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll find several opportunities to solve some puzzles and earn moons. One particular puzzle that might have you stumped is the mystery of the seeds in the Sand Kingdom.

Once you land in the Sand Kingdom, you’ll come across a town with a lot of shivering occupants. Upon further exploration, you’ll find a house that has three flower pots sitting outside with one lone seed on the ground. Cappy will wonder where you can plant it and luckily you won’t have to go very far. Just pick that seed up and plant it in the middle pot.

Super Mario Odyssey

Cliffside seed.

The other two seeds require some exploration to find but they aren’t too terribly far away. One of the seeds is located on the far west side of the map and requires you to drop off the cliff to get to it. Just keep hugging the west side of the map and you’ll quickly come across it. If you end up going too far north where the map shrinks back to the east, you’ve gone too far. Once you get this seed, take it back to town and drop it in the left flower pot.

Super Mario Odyssey

Tostarena Ruins seed.

The final seed is located in the Tostarena Ruins and it isn’t really that hard to find. Just head to the Sand Pillar checkpoint flag and head straight east and drop down into the desert area. There’s a little opening in the wall that has the seed in it. Pick it up and take it to the final flower pot on the right.

Unfortunately, these seeds won’t just bear Moons right away but you’ll have to wait. Since the weather is so cold when you land in the kingdom, the plants don’t really grow a whole lot. When you inevitably make the weather warmer, the plants will grow and you’ll be able to obtain the Moons from them.

Once the plants are fully grown, just throw Cappy at them and you’ll become the proud owner of three more Moons. Don’t forget to hang around the Sand Kingdom long after you unlock the ability to leave because there are likely several Moons and secrets you may have missed.

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