Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Request Tickets and Calling Cards

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Request Tickets and Calling Cards in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp have some very useful effects.

If you finish all of the request for a camper, you won’t be able to complete any more requests for a while. However, if you use a Request Ticket, you can complete three more requests for them. That way if you’re just about to reach a friendship level milestone for a animal friend’s special clothing item or furniture, or if you’re just shy of some materials for crafting an item, you can whip out the Request Ticket and complete the friend’s requests.

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Every three hours, animal friends rotate around the locations of the game. That means that you may not see your favorite friends all the time due to how random the rotation can be. By using a Calling Card, you can bring a specific friend to a location you’re in for three hours. This is also great if you want to complete more requests to reach a friendship level milestone with that friend or gain more crafting materials.

Unfortunately the game is very stingy with giving out Request Tickets and Calling Cards. So how exactly do you get more. Well there are three confirmed ways to get more.

The first and easiest way is through log in bonuses. Every day you log into the game, you get a different reward. As you log in for consecutive days, you’ll get more rewards. The Log in bonus period between October 25 and December 31 requires you to log in for 10 consecutive days to get all of the rewards for that period, with you getting four Request Tickets and two Calling Cards for logging in on the sixth and eighth day respectively.

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The second and slightly harder way is to complete Stretch Goals. These are different goals that you complete as you play through the game, and are different from daily Timed Goals since there is no time limit to complete them. You can earn six Request Tickets by chatting with one of the animals visiting a recreation spot and three Calling Cards by completing a request for an animal. Additionally, you can earn 30 Wood by using a Request Ticket and 30 Steel for using a Calling Card.

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The third and most expensive way is to spend real world money on Leaf Tickets. The in-game store has two launch celebration packs that are available until the end of the year. The large pack is the one you need to buy as that contains the Request Tickets and Calling Card. It costs $20.99 and contains 680 Leaf Tickets, one Sea Throw Net, one River Throw Net, one Honey, three Fertilizer, two Request Tickets, and one Calling Card. That’s quite a lot of money to spend for this game but it is a better deal than just getting 600 Leaf Tickets for $20.99 as you would normally do. However you should only go this route if you’re in desperate need of Request Tickets and Calling Cards.

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And that’s how you get more Request Tickets and Calling Cards in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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