Call of Duty WWII: How Long Is It?

Call of Duty: WWII is the newest entry in this iconic FPS (first person shooter) series and it’s taking players back to the 1940s.  This marks the series first return to this era since World at War released in 2008. The main story follows a group of soldiers as they fight their way through various historic battles on the Eastern Front. Boasting a new campaign, polished multiplayer, and a revamped Nazi Zombies mode there’s a lot to do in this game.

If you are looking to pick up Call of Duty: WWII solely for its single player campaign then you’re looking at around a 6-8 hour campaign on the normal difficulty. There are 12 chapters and an epilogue, each of which has several major sections. Normally we would list the chapters, but there are a lot of surprises in this game so they are better left unsaid. Keep in mind if you want to play this game on the Veteran difficulty then you’re looking at around a 10-hour campaign length thanks to the added difficulty.

Much of this is thanks to the shift on how players heal their characters in battle. Traditionally the Call of Duty franchise implemented a health regeneration system that would trigger if you’re out of combat for a certain amount of time WWII, however, has brought back health packs which will force players to play less reckless on the harder difficulties.

The big draw will undoubtedly be the competitive multiplayer portion of the game. While the core mechanics have remained the same, this title has received some tweaks.  One of the most notable is the introduction of Divisions, which act as the game’s version of classes. However, their effects initially aren’t as dramatic until you level up them up. A new social hub has also been added, which lets up to 48 players run around, open loot boxes, test weapons in the firing range,  pick up different challenges. and even compete in 1v1 fights.

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

 Call of Duty’s Prestige system is back, which allows players to reset their character’s rank to gain a special insignia. There are dozens of different weapons and items available to use across the 13 different maps The newest addition to the multiplayer is a mode called “War” which is an objective focused, multistage engagement. It’s fully possible to lose hundreds of hours in this multiplayer portion so if you are solely purchasing Call of Duty: WWII for that, rest assured there is a lot of time to kill.

Finally, Nazi Zombies returns and is perhaps the creepiest version ever offered to players. Unlike other Call of Duty games, players won’t be able to repair windows or simply try and survive. Instead, your team of four will need to complete various objectives such as turning on gas valves or assembling a special weapon. To give users an edge, Nazi Zombies has its own progression system that lets users unlock different mods and weapons. Despite only having 2 maps, a game of Nazi Zombies can last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour.

For those looking to pick up Call of Duty: WWII for its single player only we recommend waiting a bit for the price to drop. Yet, if you are a multiplayer orientated user then prepare to lose a ton of time to this game.

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