Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Rey’s Hero’s Journey: What Characters Are Needed?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes EA

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is introducing another Hero’s Journey soon to coincide with the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. The first Hero’s Journey introduced characters to the all-powerful Commander Luke Skywalker. To obtain the lightsaber wielding Luke, players need to have a very particular set of characters.

Since we were going through Luke’s progression as a farmboy all the way to him becoming a Jedi on Cloud City, we needed to see the characters who helped him make that journey. As a result, the event required players to have Old Ben Kenobi, Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, Farmboy Luke and R2-D2. To make things even harder, players needed to have all of these characters at 7-stars to have a chance of unlocking Commander Luke Skywalker.

If EA and Capital Games follow a similar pattern for Rey’s Hero’s Journey, then we’re looking at needed the characters from The Force Awakens for this event. The characters from The Force Awakens are a lot harder to get than the ones from A New Hope because this means you need to get both Resistance and First Order characters. BB-8 will likely be a requirement for this event which means you’ll need a strong First Order team.

The initial announcement of Rey’s Hero Journey only mentions needed Scavenger Rey but this is likely the calm before the storm. Luckily, this might end up meaning we have a little bit of time to prepare our team.

If we had to guess, these will be the characters you’ll be needing for a 7-star Jedi Rey:

  • Finn
  • BB-8
  • Scavenger Rey

The fourth and fifth character are where things get tricky. We recently saw the return of the R2-D2 event and he does carry the Resistance tag. R2-D2 was the one who held the map to Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens which allowed Rey to find Luke in the first place so he seems like a fair choice for the fifth character slot. Fans might be a little unhappy if the developers decide to include two characters locked behind Legendary events as a requirement for this Hero’s Journey.

Kylo Ren might not be a terrible choice for a character slot but it does seem a tad unlikely. Kylo Ren carries the First Order tag but his capture of Rey was pivotal in her finding out her true potential and skill with a lightsaber.

Rey never meets Poe Dameron in The Force Awakens but he did play a big part in the film. However, since Poe never met Rey, we think it’d be a bit odd to include them in this event.

The last two characters which seem the most likely to fill the void are Veteran Smuggler Han Solo and Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca. These two characters guided Rey for much of the film and were released into Galaxy of Heroes without much fanfare. Where there’s Han, there’s Chewbacca so it seems likely these two characters will fill out the final two slots in the characters needed for the Hero’s Journey.

No definitive date has been given for when this Hero’s Journey will be starting so you still have time to farm up some characters. It’ll surely be here in the near future so don’t think you have a ton of time. We suggest dropping whatever characters or teams you’re going for right now and switching your time to getting the characters we’ve mentioned above. With the release of the new movie, it’s a given that we’ll be needing Resistance and First Order characters anyways for new characters releasing from the movie.

For more Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes coverage stay with us right here. Make sure you check out the rest of Heavy’s gaming coverage as well.

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