Arena of Valor: Best Heroes For Beginners

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Arena of Valor has a ton of heroes. This can make the prospect of starting the game intimidating for new players. But fear not as there are plenty of user-friendly heroes.

Here are seven of the best heroes for beginners. Some of them may not be the very best but they are the best for learning the ropes of the game and getting used to the different kinds of heroes.


One of the first heroes you fight as, Valhein is a great ranged fighter with a kit of abilities suitable for any situation. That combined with his ability to deal both physical and magical damage makes him a very versatile fighter. Plus, his projectiles are much easier to aim that other Marksmen heroes, making him more user friendly for first time players.

His passive ability turns every third normal attack into a shuriken with an additional random effect. This allows him to incur different effects on opponents even when his skills are on cooldown. Not only that but the attack also grants one stack of the Hunter buff which slightly increases his movement speed and can stack up to five times.

Bloody hunt tosses a shuriken that explodes when hitting a target, catching other enemies in the blast. The blast does the same amount of damage as the glaive that directly hits a target making it very effective for team fights. It also adds a stack of the Hunter buff.

Curse of Death throws a golden shuriken that not only deals damage but stuns the enemy while also adding a stack of the Hunter buff. Stunning the opponent even for a second is a big boon since it can allow you to escape combat or make the opponent unable to counter your attacks. It can also help shut down ultimates.

The Bullet Storm ultimate shoots six bullets in a wide arc in front of Valhein, not only dealing damage but also boosting movement and attack speed for each bullet hit. While it can be good for hitting groups of opponents, if you manage to stun a single opponent you can fire at point blank range and have all six shots hit the opponent. Just hope that the opponent doesn’t live to strike you down at close range.

Valhein may be pretty frail and not as specialized as the other heroes, but his versatility combined with his strong offensive and defensive options makes him the perfect beginner’s hero.

Equip Arcana that boost critical chance and attack speed. Be sure to buy Slikk’s Sting from the in-battle shop as it boosts his attack speed and critical chance, making him dish out devastating critical attacks more often.


Arthur is a bread and butter fighter that should never be underestimated. He goes into battle with high melee damage combined with his surprisingly strong armor which only gets stronger the more he levels up thanks to his passive. This makes him the go to choice for new melee fighters.

Righteous Fervor boosts movement speed and makes your next normal attack leap towards the opponent and drastically slow their movement speed. Not only that bit it also raises the movement speed of nearby allies and marks enemies with the attack making them weaker to Arthur’s attacks and abilities. This attack is brilliant for either finishing off low health opponents trying to escape or starting a combo of high damaging attacks. According to the Arena of Valor Wiki, the leap attack gained from the ability allows Arthur to jump over walls.

After attacking with Righteous Fervor, you should follow that up with Holy Guard which summons blades that circle around Arthur dealing magic damage. This combined with your normal attacks can quickly obliterate the health bars of opponents. It’s magic damage can also help Arthur deal with heroes with high physical defense.

Finally, the Deep Impact ultimate makes Arthur leap into the air and crash onto an enemy hero within range. It not only deals huge damage to the enemy but also knocks surrounding enemies into the air for half a second and also deals continuous damage to enemies in the blast radius. Like with Righteous Fervor, Arthur’s ultimate can set up a combo with Holy Guard to defeat an enemy quickly. It’s also useful for crowd control thanks to its damaging area effect. According to the Arena of Valor Wiki, it also resets the cooldowns for Arthur’s abilities so you can use them before and after activating the ultimate for maximum damage.

While Arthur is a great melee fighter, you shouldn’t charge into battle unintelligently as you can be quickly overwhelmed if taking on multiple heroes. If his Righteous Fervor ability or Deep Impact ultimate haven’t yet cooled down, he can be susceptible to powerful ranged attacks from mages.

Equip Arcana that boosts attack strength, armor, and movement speed. Buy the Mantle of Ra item as soon as you can as it boosts damage, boosts armor, and grants the ability to deal extra magic damage to nearby enemies every second to increase Arthur’s already massive close range damage output.


The reaper queen Mina is a great hero for those looking into not only a tanking role but one that can control opponents on the battlefield. Though specializing more in defense than offence unlike Arthur, Mina none the less has some effective options for taking down opponents.

Whirling Scythe attacks all opponents in a circle around her and is more effective the more health Mina has. Her regular attack is strong too and her higher than average movement speed helps her chase down opponents or get into position.

Her most important move is the Death Scythe, which not only pulls enemies towards her while dealing damage but also cuts their movement speed in half for two seconds. This pulls medium range opponents towards you so you can pound them with attacks and prevents close range opponents from finishing off a teammate or escaping your attacks. It doesn’t have quite the range of Grakk’s Devil’s Chain but it’s a lot easier to use and far less likely to miss.

She’s still a tank at heart and naturally she has some great defensive options as well. Her passive, Sweet Revenge, gives her a chance to counterattack opponents who attack her, which can make short work of close range yet frail attackers. Her Dark Dominion ultimate makes nearby enemies attack her instead of teammates and also makes their attacks 50 percent weaker. While it’s more useful on minions than regular players, it’s still great for protecting weaker teammates while boosting Mina’s capacity for tanking hits.

While Mina is a great tank, especially for beginners, she can only be truly effective in close to mid range. Long range fighters and especially mages can make short work of her. Plus a lack of a more offensive ultimate limits her capacity to charge the front lines. However if one is looking for a tank that’s more defensive than offensive with a more user friendly way of controlling enemy movement on the field, look no further than Mina.

Equip Arcana that boosts ability strength, armor, and movement speed. Invest early in the Hyoga’s Edge item as it increases ability power, magic defense, HP, and grants the ability for normal attacks to increase the wearer’s attack speed and reduce the target’s movement speed for two seconds. This makes it easier for Mina to keep opponents in range.


The seductive soul harvester Veera is great for players looking for an easy-to-use mage with high damage attacks. Veera definitely excels in ability damage, which is helped even further by her Come Hither passive which applies a stackable mark which reduces enemy magic defense up to three times.

Her Hell Bat projectile is fast, can pierce multiple opponents, and has a deceptively long range with wide coverage. You’ll be able to hit opponents with ease unless your aim is completely off. Use the Sprint talent so you can run up to enemies and finish them off with a Hell Bat.

Her ultimate, Inferno Bats, sends out five homing bats to damage enemies. All five bats can hit a single opponent as well, and although each subsequent hit by a bat has damage reduced by half it can annihilate opponent’s health bars.

Even though her health is poor she has some pretty effective defensive options. Mesmerize not only deals damage to a single opponent but stuns them for a second and a half. This move is incredibly useful not only for quick escapes away from close range enemies but for shutting down enemy ultimates. While her normal attack isn’t the strongest, her decent range keeps her out of harm’s way.

Keep in mind that her health is very frail and she’ll fall quickly to opponents that can get right up in her face with mobility abilities. Her lower than average movement speed makes her even more susceptible to movement restricting abilities like those from Arthur or Kahlii.

Equip Arcana that boost her ability strength and movement speed. Purchase the Frosty’s Revenge item first as it boosts ability power, magic defense, and movements speed as well as having abilities reduce enemy movement for two seconds to prevent them from escaping. Also invest in the Orb of the Magi which boosts ability power and cooldown speed and gifts Veera with extra ability power and HP every 30 seconds up to 10 times and restores HP and Mana over three seconds upon leveling up.


While Krixi may not look all that impressive or intimidating at first, she really is a force of nature. That’s thanks to her powerful abilities that can hit opponents multiple times quickly as well as her high mobility thanks to her passive which grants a burst of movement speed every time she hits an enemy with an ability. She’s able to cast abilities quickly while weaving in between enemy fire.

Mischef is a boomerang-like projectile that can damage a multiple opponents multiple times. Even though each enemy hit reduces the power of the projectile, it’s still effective in taking down opponents especially when they’re trying to escape. Because the projectile always returns to her, she can change the path of it just by moving to a different position.

Nature’s wrath can lift opponents upwards with a damaging magical attack. While the move doesn’t delay the opponent as much as other abilities like Veera’s Mesmerize, it has a much wider area of effect and can help set up Krixi for additional attacks. It can also hit opponents behind walls.

Her Moonfall ultimate strikes the opponent up to four times so long as they remain in range for the five second duration. With this move she can obliterate health bars without worry of the move being disrupted.

While Krixi is very mobile, she’ll fall easily if a melee hero or ranged attacker can manage to hit her. Never the less, she’s a powerful and nimble mage that can carry a team through the lanes of battle.

Just like with Veera, equip Arcana that boost Krixi’s ability strength and movement speed. Purchase the Frosty’s Revenge item first as it boosts ability power, magic defense, and movements speed as well as having abilities reduce enemy movement for two seconds to prevent them from escaping. Also invest in the Orb of the Magi which boosts ability power and cooldown speed and gifts Veera with extra ability power and HP every 30 seconds up to 10 times and restores HP and Mana over three seconds upon leveling up.


While Thane is similar to Arthur in many regards, Thane specializes a bit more in being a tank with his higher armor stat and slightly lower attack. He also has a variety of defensive as well as offensive skills to control the flow of battle.

His passive allows him to automatically regenerate 24 percent of maximum HP over six seconds if it falls below 30 percent. It can be a slog to run all the way back to the base to restore health, so this ability combined with healing talents is a godsend as it allows him to bounce back into the fray quickly. It also boosts his ability to take hits for the team. Just be wary that it has a 75 second cooldown so you can’t use it all the time.

Valiant Charge makes Thane charge forward, knocking back opponents and dealing physical damage. The final hit of the charge will also knock the enemy into the air. Valiant Charge is a great way to set up attacks, especially if you can activate it while under the cover of the grasses of the jungle along the lanes. It can also save teammates from being finished off or drive opponents away from towers and the core. Or you can push an opponent deeper into your team’s territory so they can finish the opponent off.

Avalon’s Fury has Thane strike opponents in range, dealing damage, knocking them in the air, and drastically cutting their movement speed. This move has huge range all around Thane and can help him and his teammates take down opponents by preventing them from escaping. You can also make opponents easier to hit with Valiant Charge.

His ultimate move, Excalibur, has Thane charge forward like with Valiant Charge only after charging he unleashes a powerful blow in a frontal cone dealing massive damage. It also cannot be interrupted while charging. The massive range combined with the true damage is indispensable in the battlefield.

Thane may not have the raw damage output of other heroes like Arthur or Zanis, but his defensive abilities combined with the ability to move around and disorient opponents makes him just as much of a force to be reckoned with. Just try not to get overwhelmed by long range mages or heroes that can cut off his movement.

Equip Arcana that boosts attack strength, armor, and movement speed. Buy the Gaia’s Standard first as it boosts magic defense, max HP, and movement speed and makes Thane regenerate health for two seconds after taking damage (10 second cooldown). The Shield of the Lost item is also a good item to buy as it boosts armor and HP and allows Thane to reduce the attack speed of nearby enemies by 30 percent which further boosts his survivability.


Omega may not look that much different from other tank heroes, but there’s one key difference. His Demolition Mode passive ability allows him to deal full damage to towers and cores. Since the main objective of the game is to take down towers and cores, that makes Omega a good pick. He’s not just a one trick pony as he has plenty of options to take down enemy heroes as well.

Guardian Mode grants Omega a damage absorption shield and increased movement speed for five seconds. The next normal attack also deals extra damage and knocks targets into the air briefly. Like with Arthur’s Righteous Fervor, Guardian Mode allows you to catch up to opponents so you can start a fight or finish them off. While you cannot lunge forward like with Righteous Fervor and it doesn’t boost the movement speed of allies, it does have the shield which can protect Omega while it closes in on the opponent. Knocking opponents into the air also makes them susceptible to follow up attacks, not unlike Righteous Fervor’s movement reducing debuff.

Crash Mode makes Omega charge forward, dealing damage to enemies and stunning them. This crowd control move is great for setting up opponents for more damage or preventing them from escaping or attacking. However, it has a short cast range so it’s best to use it while Guardian Mode is active.

Finally, his Exterminate ultimate makes him continuously spin around in place, dealing constant damage to nearby enemies. If you can rush in with Guardian Mode and then stun opponents with Crash Mode, you can decimate opponents with Exterminate.

Omega’s abilities may not be as strong or specialized as other heroes, but its unique ability to take down enemy towers quicker makes it a valuable ally. Master when to use Guardian and Crash Mode to take down the enemy core in no time.

Equip Arcana that boosts attack strength, armor, and movement speed. Invest early in the Spear of Longinus as it boosts attack damage, cooldown speed, and armor and grants the ability to decrease target armor upon hit for five seconds and can stack up to 5 times, allowing Omega to more effectively take down tank heroes.

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